A Matter of Proportions and thoughtful space allowing natural projection of the soul by Architect Anushka Shetty




Project credits:
ArchitectAnushka Shetty

An architects delight, that allows you to experience the lifestyle of the client predominantly through the design. The client being a  teenage girl, the most important factor for Architect Anushka Shetty was to spill her personality through the design, of a young zesty individual. Thus the challenge was to model a space to live, allowing an outlet to express the clients true persona. This eventually resulted in collecting elements that are authentic to the clients individuality, and creating a space that becomes a personal story.  The enigma of the interiors appreciates a notional sense of beauty in crafting a pristine and minimal  elements adding to a quirky yet a soft and feminine decor. The concept played out was to widen the windows which offsets architectural opulence through the interior spaces. The attempt was to establish and define a style in proportions and details which manifested in eclectic use of textures and colours. The characteristics that distinguish living palpable forces embodied in the space often is an order and coherence of parts that make the whole. 

IMG-20150717-WA0044An impressively large room reflects its air of massiveness with its rose wood flooring spreading across the interiors. You are embarking an exercise in watching the pristine space created by the designer. The urge to embellish, is unleashed in a highly personalized and eclectic manner, showcasing a Neon Sign behind the bed back. The luxury of defining ones individuality has now been shifted from the exterior to the interiors. The Ceramic tiles in the shower area complimented with a fancy glass cubicle that partially peeps out, reveals in the extension as a collective realm of the room design.

IMG-20150717-WA0047As the design evolves interior references become more stylized, but it showcases a meaning to its inhabitants because of its charming simplicity. Concept of style provides an appropriate language, representing a homogeneous and identifiable set of characteristics which is seen vividly in the stand alone mirror flaunting a gold carved molding.


What one see’s now is a rather diverse and soothing environment of emulative modern example where individual elements like the side table furniture for the room, bed, window bench, carved temple door were crafted by the designer. These individual elements developed amorphous spatial patterns owing to an intricate ordering mechanism, articulated elements and profuse ornamentation. The design very well justifies the dichotomy of indulgence of home as a place of comfort and as a trend of style perceptible from unique embellishments defining ones individuality.

“I believe in a non-conformist approach to design. My brief was to design a room for a young, zesty girl and I just went ahead and had fun with it, resulting in a 17 year old falling absolutely in love with her room. For me, the design of a space must be a manifestation of the user’s personality and must evoke an emotional response. It’s not only about how a space looks or feels, but also how it works.”


AnushkaArchitect Anushka Shetty

– Niyati Shetty ,Volume Zero.

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