Accentuated by a vivid colour palette & arty furniture Inscape Designers redefine the dynamics of luxury living

Project Credits:
Project name: Mittal Residence
Design firm: Inscape Designers
Project completion time: 7 Months
Design Team: Sejal Parikh & Chaitali Parikh-Mehta

Chaitali Parikh graduated from Parsons School of Design, NYC in 2007 with a BFA degree in Interior Design. Her deep passion for travelling eventually led her to living in New York and Florence and travel over 25 countries. After having gained experience from prestigious firms such as ICRAVE (Manhattan), Urban Studio and ZZ architects she now runs her own design practice; Inscape Designers, along with her mom Sejal Parikh who studied from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

One of the key challenges to pulling off a successful design is; understanding the brief that has been drawn out by the client and thus fulfilling the essentials of that brief with a functional yet aesthetically pleasing proposal.

Traditionally penthouses have always been distinguished by their magnificent view and luxury amenities that it offers. This 1500 square feet penthouse at Colaba, Mumbai has been designed for a young couple who couldn’t get enough of colour and print!

The living room exhibits an identity that alternates between stylish and artsy. It portrays a riot of colour with a patchwork modular sofa and a customized striped chaise lounge that rests on a layered carpet from Cocoon.

2DSC_0491                                                                       Patchwork modular sofa and a customized striped chaise lounge

The existing columns in the balcony are painted with graphic black and white patterns that not only add a sense of drama to the entrance view but also complement the rich myriad of colours used for the interior spaces.

5DSC_0529Columns Painted in graphic black and white patterns

The French windows in the living room further open out into the 50 feet long balcony hence initiating a visual interaction between the two spaces.

4DSC_0399 French windows maintain a visual connectivity between the indoor & outdoor spaces

The balcony covered with a glass and sleeper wood awning leads to the outdoor hookah area.

6IMG_0120 Outdoor hookah area

A fixed wooden corner seating enhanced with a low mosaic tiled table in the corner of the balcony forms the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the sea view over a few drinks.

7IMG_4394Wooden seating with low mosaic tiled table

The dining area encompasses a square dining table, a bench style seating along with three dining chairs and a customised wooden bar area.

7DSC_0500 Dining area

The metallic tiles below the bar cabinets compliment the floating circular dish styled basin thus providing some sobriety from the vivid colours that have been used around this space.

1IMG_4378 Circular dish styled wash basin placed below bar cabinets

The design palette adopted for the kitchen space comprises of a mix of colourful hand printed ceramic tiles balanced with two solid warm coloured back painted glass shutters and a charcoal grey laminate and granite.

3IMG_4373 Vibrant colour palette adopted for kitchen area

The opening created in the wall standing between the dining area and the kitchen allows natural light to drip in while at the same time keeps the room well ventilated.

2IMG_4376Cut out provided in kitchen wall

The Gustav Klimt style master bedroom is an ode to their honeymoon with the hand painted 9’ x 11’ backlit mural of ‘The Tree of Life’.

4-IMG_4343  ‘The Tree of Life’

The bed headboard painted with a Klimt pattern compliments the mural without distracting from the focal point in the room.

3-DSC_0376 Master Bedroom

Wall cover clad wardrobe shutters and glossy paint finish on the furniture eliminates the use of veneer or laminate in this area.

1-IMG_4337Master Bedroom

The corner bed with the diagonal bookshelf and oblique painted lines in the guest bedroom makes the room look very spacious.

CPMRCorner bed (left side image) with diagonal bookshelf and oblique painted lines (right side image)

The bar coded grooves of the wardrobe shutters with personalised photos as handles create an illusion of a family photo montage. Hence the actual utility behind the design stays well concealed.

4DSC_0435Wardrobe shutters with personalised photos as handles

This gorgeous residence is a wonderful example of how spectacular design can be fashionable and family friendly. The clean lines and upscale details peacefully coexist with vivid colours and dynamic furniture that infuse a sense of joie de vivre throughout the house.

“This eclectic design reflects the couple’s vibrant personality which personalizes the residence.”      

  – Chaitali Parikh

CPMR-CoverBWSejal Parikh & Chaitali Parikh-Mehta

– Rhea Fernandes ,Volume Zero.


1Hookah Area
2Hookah Area
4Hookah Area
3Hookah Area
5Dining Area
6Dining Area
7Dining Area
8Dining Area
9Living Area
13Guest Bedroom
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