An Array of Palettes and Patterns, and An Abode of Tranquility, designed by Ar. Rajesh Sheth at Agarwal House



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Project name:  Agarwal House
Location : Bopal, Ahmedabad
Designer: Ar. Rajesh Sheth, Design Circle Architects
Project Duration: 1 year 6 months
Client: Mr. Dinesh Agrawal


In the confines of Bopal, the architects were posed with the challenge of creating a home, which would at every instant prove functional as well as attractive, as the family desired a clam retreat, in a space conformed by a basement, ground floor and first floor.

The décor and style employed by the designer reflects a sense of confluence of homely warmth and eclectic panache. The living room boasts of a stark design element in the form of a spanning beam being supported by four columns styled in the classical Ionic order. While the living room interiors boast of a functional value, the minimal ornamentation and the colour scheme applied enhances the aesthetics.


With a unique blend of complement and contrast, in terms of spatiality, colour, materials and elements, the designer is successful in creating an ambience of drama through the stylized portrayal of this home. For instance, where the furnishing is based on simplistic requirements in a home, their colours imbibe a sense of vigour, and embellishing the same are the simplistic employment of materials, as well as the stark elements of ornamentation.

One of the most exemplary aspects about the design is the coordination between the materials. While the general appearance displayed is by usage of materials with raw and rustic qualities, such as exposed concrete, the addition of stark walls displaying a riot of patterns and colours with interplay of light enhances the exotic nature of the décor. The fusion of the variety of materials, including natural linens, leather, ash wood and metal, with the exposed concrete play a great hand in adding to the sense of serenity, while the luxury depicted by materials such as onyx marble transforms the minimalist cold into warm sanctuary.



Basing the design ideology on the essence of function oriented spaces has proved fruitful regarding the interiors of the Agarwal House. As every room is discovered, it is depicted that the individuality in terms of usage and décor is retained. For instance, the layout of the kitchen is based on gaining accessibility, comfort and pleasure during cooking, which insinuates a clean cut space, with the necessary kitchen furniture, and the design is highlighted through the pastel blue accents employed herein, which in turn is balanced out by the solid wooden carved dining table, complimented with black leather furnished chairs.


Also evidenced in each of the bedrooms located in this house, the design reflects uniqueness with respect to every space. The usage of pale colours and wooden furnishings exudes a sense of calm through the space, and tweaking this tranquility within the confines of the space are the accent walls at the head of the bed, wherein one line of thought depicts ornamental decorative patterns in shades of grey, the other creates a dramatic ambience by means of a blue brick wall and black ceiling with artistic rafter lights.


One of the rooms provided for the leisure and entertainment of the family is the room with the home theatre system, which is designed in a monochromatic colour scheme, employing shades of grey by covering up the acoustically treated walls in posters from popular Bollywood films and furnishing in comfortable reclining chairs in white, which along with the dark tint of the flooring upholds an aura of serenity within the space.






With a confluence of both styles contemporary and traditional, along with the usage of varied range of materials, the Agarwal House home reflects the sensitivity of the designed in effecting the essence of the family living therein, as they ensure that every space within the home retains its individual characteristic, while being the inherent part of a whole.

As the project highlights, the design philosophy of architect Rajesh Sheth is based on his ideal of viewing a space to its meticulous extent in its entirety. Every space is minutely treated, with the employment of the most idyllic element of design.



Team Designer’s Circle

Devashree Vyas ,Volume Zero
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