Architect Sunil Patil brings you Elegance is where Art and Design break even creating a Visual interest embodied of Modernity and Minimalism



Project credits:
Project Name: Wanzare House
Location: Pune, India.
Architect: Sunil Patil Architects

A burst of experimentation in architectural forms, intense creativity and innovative design lead to the emergence of a dynamic bungalow typology amidst the domestic neighbourhoods of Pune. Architect Sunil Patil explores the creative process of stacking a three storied structure typically built of concrete, adorned with a veneer of stone cladding and glass paneling. This lovely abode in plan showcases 5 bedrooms, kitchen, lobby, and spaces that spill from the living and dining into the courtyard. The structure dramatically scatters through a vast plot of 375.00 sq.m expressing a sense of dynamism and charisma amidst the existing built forms. The rhythm of projections and recessions created by the framing grids of boxing and cantilevered balconies develop in crafting a sequential composition of the external facade. The glass used on the second floor is U.V proof that shields the interiors against radiation, modelling comfortable interior spaces. The organization of these rectilinear frames spread continuously over the concrete mass create a more densely detailed facade. The packed compositions of the grid frames and the crowding of a dominant pattern of stone cladding over the concrete surface creates an intensely busy and energetic effect. This parallel exploration of projections and framing patterns break the monotony of the concrete mass, simulating an elaborate grid of dense and meticulous surface patterns. The facade design typically reveals openings on the North, lighting the house with adequate sunlight.Planning has been kept simple, this contemporary design maximizes spaces ensuring privacy and provides ample opportunity to connect with the outdoors.


The plan pays close attention towards the structure by orienting itself around a courtyard. This careful organization of spaces depicts the strongest design feature of a triple height courtyard that coordinates the control of light and shade along with the juxtaposition of building elements creating semi open and recessed spaces.


The courtyard emphasizes linearity of space creating a mystic atmosphere. Beauty lies in the play of light enveloping a whole new spatial experience in the courtyard, in fact it is not simply an element to refine eclecticism, but creates a sense of bewildering variety of spatial sequence. This space is charged and amplified by the punctures created on the exterior facade that enhances the expectancy.


Courtyard symbolizes of a unique aesthetic experience with the embellishments of a water body, frangipani tree, pebble court and an artistic mural. Versatility of the artist gave a fanciful play to much experimentation in crafting a rustic metal mural, that creates a visual imagery throughout the interiors of the house.The glass wall on the lower floor that enshrines the Gods Premise or the Pooja room along with a water body is a symbolic of divine light of the deity’s abode , as well as a territorial demarcation revealing a spiritual experience.


Use of white and beige color manages to blend with the interiors as well as breaks the monotony of the wooden and ceramic flooring. A traditional Indian Kitchen has an axial relationship to its surrounding spaces like the  exterior porch ,living and dining areas. This architectural theme has been adopted and implemented  in the spatial organization creating interactive spaces.


Interiors of the kitchen provides both spatial and visual interests. It marks the embodiment of modernity and minimalism. The suspended decorative chimney spanning over the kitchen table top manifests an evocative and flamboyant disposition. 


Enigma of  the interiors in the shower room  is advanced with the use of concrete patterns and textures to give a lean and muscular expression of aesthetic and symbolic intentions.


In this design process, a language has emerged with its own intonations and symbols, fuel of an aesthetic experience that expresses a sense of continuity, which demonstrates the impact of an architectural form.

Ar. Sunil Patil - CopyAr. Sunil Patil



ground  floor layout

first floor layout

second floor plan

north elevation

east elevation

sectio aa

section bb

– Niyati Shetty ,Volume Zero.

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