Architecture that portrays the harmony of function and form defying all limitations of creativity- Zero 9



Project Credits:

Team Prashant Chauhan, Anu Chauhan, Amrita Kaur Slatch, Nirali Sheth

Photography Sebastian Zachariah

Nestled amongst the distinct built environments of Daman, rests a design that grew out of a strong conceptual idea which expresses a mature architectural language and a close symbiosis between eclectic manifestation and elegance. It is a weekend home designed that spreads massively across a plot of 4000 Sq.ft. 


 The house can almost be considered as a metaphor for hedonism as the design reflects spaces where you can relax and constantly engage in the pursuit of happiness. This ideology reflects beautifully in the interior as well as the exterior design of the dwelling.


The Spatial organization of the house is rather simple functional and linear. The design creates a dense built environment which disintegrates in subtle interventions through order imposed in standardized façades and proportion systems to give an unified characteristic to the structure.


The optimized and the impact-ful use of glass and sunlight not only brings in light and ventilation but also manifests sequential spatial patterns. Architecture is well served through the unique and creative façade design which serves one through a series of spatial configuration.


The plan sets up a series of walls punctuated by interior courts and natural top lit spaces. The plan achieved equilibrium between sustainability and aesthetic typology. This is well justified by the decision of the designer in retaining existing trees and exhibiting a design around the existing Flora.


The design process initiated with planning along the trees, leaving two foremost palms as a part of the front open space. The Living room extends on two sides simply by wrapping up the verandah on one side and the other side flanks a well designed articulated Jacuzzi that is open to sky.


The aesthetic vocabulary of the verandah is dictated by the vertical pergola’s which serves in reducing the sun penetration and creating a beautiful play of light. Thus its these two extendible area’s that created a frame work for sandwiching a double height living area. The living room being a magnificent part of the design was well crafted into a double height space by comprising the use of north light, providing natural ventilation.


The order imposed by flaunting the stair case mid landing with a glass façade served as a source of natural light during the day. The bedrooms were oriented on the south-west side with smaller openings to create shaded spaces. The ordered sequence of the designs of the balconies would render views of the double height interiors spaces as well as of the external courts. The design of the windows oriented towards the west houses a plush seating that manages to blend with settlement surrounding, capturing the evening sunset.


 The interior sequence is driven to a whole new level of expectancy by enclosing a coconut palm tree inside a glass cubicle, amalgamating interior and exterior spaces.


 Standing in the master bathroom with a skylight fills one with sense of having arrived yet not fathoming the entire space. The inspiring view of the palm fronds is framed through the skylight above the shower area.


Project has won the Best Architecture Single Residence At Asia Pacific Property Awards 2015-2016

The design has developed distinct characteristics, which showcases artistic endeavours in the process of fashioning architectural enigma in terms of construction and materiality.

“We believe in capturing the spirit of the client, essence of the space and revealing the assembly  of their craftsmanship. Simplicity is the soul of our design, which reflects  the fundamental nature of the  requisite of the client thus ensuring a signature statement in every project.” 

sketch - 02



anu + prashant - Copy











ground floor layout



first floor layout




section aa



section bb


north elevation


south elevation


east elevation


west elevation


Niyati Shetty ,Volume Zero.

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