Arjun Rathi reinterprets the past through this inimitable and bold design expression – Mad O Wot Hair Temple

Project credits:
Project name:  Mad O Wot Hair Temple
Location : Mumbai Maharashtra
Design Firm: Arjun Rathi Architects
Year Completed : 2014  
Project Team: Arjun Rathi, Shubhangi Samant, Vivek Agarwal, Namrata Sehgal, Neeraj Tiwari


As the principal architect of a multi-disciplinary firm design practice, Arjun Rathi takes pride in referring to himself not only as an architect but also as an industrial designer and photographer as well. Well equipped with a resourceful design team, the firm has gained national recognition for its exploratory approach towards design. One such exemplary project undertaken by Arjun Rathi Architect is the Mad O Wot Hair Temple.



Mad O Wot Hair Temple has been designed on the concept of donating a lock of your hair to the Lord Tirupati. Like a three dimensional narrative the Hair Temple takes you right back in time so as to strike a harmonious balance in a traditional bound society such as ours. The Hair Temple is an ode to the hair God Anāan in the form of Ardhnarishvara (half man and half woman) to bring to light the war against gender equality that our society faces today.
The space has been designed as an old run down temple and is all about letting go off your past and advancing towards a future nestled with opportunities by simply offering a lock cut of hair.



The entrance gate creates a bold expression as it exhibits the deity of Ardhnarishwar. Not only does it form a real eye catching element of the salon but also adds a rich character to one of the busiest streets of Bandra.



The concept is a rather curious mix of elements adopted from a traditional Hindu temple and infused in modern day context. The design soaks in a culture that weaves in legends, myths some significant historical facts of the past.



Mad O Wot Hair Temple is one of the only places that bathes in the early morning sun and continues to bask in the light all night long nurturing the culture of enlightening the temple deity at all times.



The interiors sport a series of highly fragmented sensational spaces.




The double height entrance gives you a visual experience of walking through a temple ‘garbhagriha’. From here the entrance takes one to a seamless transition of spaces by means of experimenting with the human scale.

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The space has been crowned with an indigenously crafted quirky Tibetan mandala thereby redefining the everlasting repertoire of Indian temple architecture. 



To summarize it all, Mad O Wat Hair Temple breaks the shackles of time to create a modern salon with a truly refreshing concept that reflects a sense of orderliness in tradition through the language of abstract beauty.  


Ar. Arjun Rathi.
– Rhea Fernandes ,Volume Zero.
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1 Comment to Arjun Rathi reinterprets the past through this inimitable and bold design expression – Mad O Wot Hair Temple

  1. I am no architect,or interior designer, but just witnessing astounding design templates and ideas such as these inspires me no end. Fabulous work by Mr. Rathi :)

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