Ashiyan city A Serene Abode in the Lush Greenery and Quiet Stream of Dhaka Countryside by Rafiq Azam



Project Profile:
Project Name: Ashiyan city ( Bhuiyan Bari )
Architect: Rafiq Azam (SHATOTTO Architecture for green Living)
Design Team: Md. Rafiq Azam, Audhora Sharmin,Md. Akter Hossain
Client: Md. Nazrul Islam Bhuiyan
Location: Khilkhet, Dhaka
Project Engineer: Md. Zahirul Islam
Structural Engineer: Misbahauddin Khan and Md. Shafiul Bari
Landscape Design: Rafiq Azam
3D Visual Artist : Ahasn Akter
Land Area: 4387 sq.m
Built Area: 5970 sq.m
Design Period: 2013- 2016

Ashiyan city paints an ethereal picture of serenity, with the tranquil water, the soothing presence of greenery ingrained harmoniously into the design of the house, and the usage of a neutral colour palette. Belonging to two brothers hailing from the business of land development and housing in the centre of Dhaka, their wish to live closer to their roots took precedence, and thereby brought forth the opportunity of creating a home in the picturesque landscape, with lush greenery and a naturally present water stream.


While the house is surrounded by naturally abundant greenery, the form derived is based on rectilinear lines, which attach a sense of pleasing weightlessness and openness to the structure. Indeed, with its location along the water stream makes it appear as if the structure is peacefully floating upon the quiet ripples. The openings in the structure are carefully manifested, with framing of views, not only of the scenic exteriors, but even the carefully planned interiors being a striking feature of the design.


The design of the house reflects careful moulding of the form to create unique and meaningful spaces, which simultaneously ensure the necessary privacy a home, and the comprising rooms must accordingly have, but also allows for niches and courts, wherein one can seat themselves, and revel in the encompassing natural scape.



It is evident to note that the house, enshrouded with the wondrous scenario, and built in materials of neutral and natural textures, with the grey of concrete and the elegance of wood, used for frames and fins of openings, is an exemplary ideal with regard to house design in the general sense.

Herein, however, it gains further credit, for it is designed to suit the climatic conditions and natural context of Dhaka. The south side of the house looks to the landscape of the countryside, and is designed to let in summer breeze, so that comfort is ensured in the subtropical land. The water channel, naturally present, is in the west and the south edge of the site, and flows according to seasonal tendencies and variation.





One of the most pristine elements of the home is the design of the space which is centrally located. A solitary tree stands in a patch of land, atop the still waters, and the ensemble is surrounded by the walls of the home, and its glass openings. While the openings allow for ample natural light during the day, the artificial lighting is designed to highlight the prominent elements. Moreover, the infinity pool in the south east is placed, so that it presents a surreal view of the natural water channel, enhancing the experience.




RAFIQ AZAMArchitect Rafiq Azam




Rafiq Azam, the principal architect at Shatotto, an architecture firm based out of Dhaka, Bangaldesh, leans towards the ideology of ‘architecture for green living’. Established in 1995, Shatotto perseveres to revive the heritage and history of Bengal, to bring forth a link between the varied urban as well as rural culture prevalent in the region today. Moreover, architectural scenario has a dearth of essential values, and the practice intends to encourage conversations, thriving communities and connect to nature for a holistically functioning society.

His noteworthy achievements within the field are a testament to his prowess. Upon graduating from Bangladesh Engineering University in 1989, his art as well as architectural work has not only accomplished worldwide renowned, but even acknowledgement in the form of various awards, such as World Architecture Community Award, an award received thrice by him, and even shortlisting within Leading European Architects Forum Award 2009, Emerging Architect of the world by Urban Land USA 2008, AR Emerging Award London 2007, finalist for Aga Khan Awards for Architecture 2004 and 2007, Berger Award for Excellence 2007, Kenneth F. Brown Asia Pacific Culture and Design Award USA 2007, four- time recipient of South Asian Awards for Architecture. He imparts the garnered wisdom and experience over the years, by being a visiting faculty at Dept. of Architecture-The National University of Singapore, NED University Pakistan, North South University, University of Asia Pacific, Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, and Brac University Dhaka and has also lectured extensively around the world at numerous institutions and seminars. (Source: Architrizer)

ground floorGround Floor Layout


third floorFirst Floor Layout
roof layoutThird Floor Layout



west elevationWest Elevation
north elevationNorth Elevation
secaaSection A
sec cSection C

-Devashree Vyas, Volume Zero.

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