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Simplicity and Serenity in a Sacred Space, by DesignAware


Musallah Haseen Pasha, Simplicity and Serenity in a Sacred Space. Project Details: Name: Masallah Haseen Pasha Location: Hyderabad Architects: DesignAware The very concept of the project and foray into design originated from the basic question – What is a mosque? The scenario being at its pristine best, with the onset...


Tiny House Design Competition 2017, Winners’ Interviews


The Tiny House Movement seeks to revamp the notions of a home, one’s personal sanctuary through innovations in design and technology. The competition aims to celebrate individuality, redefine sustainability and exalt simple, resourceful living. The Movement is also a platform to explore the avenues of mobile living spaces and the...


People’s Architecture Office (China) explores living inside metal tubes!


Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong Project Year: September 2015 Client: Lane Crawford Material: Galvanized Steel Architecture: People’s Architecture Office Principals: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng Project Team: Sean Phillips, Charlotte Yu, Wayne Liu, Gao Tianxia, Leo Chazalon Photo Credits: Lanes Crawford and People’s Architecture Office On its 165th anniversary,...


Bike House, by FMD Architects, A Home with Utmost Comfort, A Home which Grows as the Family Does.


    Project Description: Name: Bike House Architect:  FMD Architects Location: Melbourne, Australia Project Team: Fiona Dunin, Katherine Peasley, Robert Kolak, Caroline Tan, Alex Peck, Ryan Fothergill Year of Completion: 2014 Photographer: John Gollings Builder: Construction 32 P/L Structural Engineer: Perrett Simson P/L Building Surveyor: Wilsmore Nelson Group P/L Site...


The Joint-Family Penthouse Designed By GRCA


Location : Malleshwaram, Bangalore Year : 2013 Design Team : GRCA The Joint-Family Penthouse Designed By GRCA Is An Exquisite Family Home That Portrays Transformation From Its Insipid Form To A Social Family dwelling. Breaking the notion that a penthouse can only stand true to its meaning with all the...


Mito Light Series by Tom Fereday Design


    Project Credits: Product name: Mito Light series  Designer: Tom Fereday Design Mito Light Series by Tom Fereday Design are a celebration of naturality of raw materials, in the form of sculptural lights. The Mito Lighting series, consisting of wall lights and floor lamps, are a series of modular lights...