B.E Architecture strike a beautiful balance between the ‘Old and New ‘ – The Eyrie Residence, Eaglemont

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Original character of The Eyrie Residence evident from the street

Project credits:

Project name:  The Eyrie Residence
Location : Eaglemont, Australia
Design firm: B.E Architecture 
Design team: B.E Architecture 
Completion date: 2006
Photo Credits: B.E Architecture 

As the cornerstone of B.E Architecture, directors Broderick Ely, Jonathan Boucher and Andrew Piva have put together a young, dynamic and multi-cultural team infused with a wide ranging palette of personal interests and specialties. The design language adopted by the firm is subtle yet impactful and is created in unison with the surrounding environment.


One of the many exuberant projects executed by b.e architecture is The Eyrie Residence. Nestled amidst the post modernist houses of the Eaglemont/Ivanhoe area, the existing building at 80 The Eyrie is a pure reflection of its surrounding urban shell. These very classic post modernist appearances contribute towards giving Eaglemont its true identity.


Perched on a hill, the house has been oriented in a manner such that it stays exhilarated with natural light during the day time and is simply radiant at night. In addition to this, the house appears to blend harmoniously with nature.


By retaining the original elements of the older building, the design embraces the textures and geometric language of the existing brick exteriors and recreates a body in timber clearly articulating the difference between old and new. Leaving all qualities of the former structure unperturbed, the house has been redefined, hence making it compatible for modern living.


Segregation of old and new features as shown by the contrasting usage of timber and golden bricks

Positioned high above the street and enveloped by timber handrails, the commercial grade floor to ceiling windows open in to the surrounding beauty.


Balcony opening onto front veranda (left) and Upper level balcony at house front (right)

The new timber additions wrap around the structure to form three large balconies. These fenestration’s serve the dual purpose of encapsulating the city sky line and yet stay secluded thus offering extreme privacy within the interior spaces as well.


Balcony of master en suite overlooking garden


Master en suite balcony (left) and balcony (right)


View of city line from balcony

To the user it appears as though the interior spaces are larger than their proportions as they overflow into the outdoor spaces.


Corner view of the city over neighboring houses from bedroom

The new design configuration set up goes through a sequential arrangement of spaces beginning with a meandering landscaped path that leads you to a glazed, veranda style entry.


Garden along meandering path


Timber staircase leading to the entry door

The entrance of the structure visually connects the user all the way through the kitchen to the rear garden. These sight lines establish a meaningful relationship between the spaces and the various unexpected places including the bathrooms that have open windows with private planted outlooks.


Planted outlook from bathroom (left) and long format tile pattern cut from larger tiles (right)


Traditional onsen bathroom (left) and detail of onsen bathroom (right)

The layout was entirely re-rationalized so as to ensure an order within the spaces and upgrade them with an aim to give every space a characterized function that the older building lacked before. The design takes you to a transition of spaces in just one simple flow.


Adjacent rooms overlooking balcony

The plan now accommodates a large, casual style kitchen that forms the heart of the house. The large timber table off the island bench plays an integral role as a place where all social gatherings can be conducted. This perfectly designed space initiates a blissful rendezvous among-st all those gathered around it.


Communal table in kitchen making the space as a social gathering spot

Opening onto the gardens at the rear end of the house is a functional indoor/outdoor space.


Kitchen opening out onto a garden

With a notion to reflect the Japanese heritage of the client, the Tatami room and large, traditional onsen bathroom were purpose-built. However the specific design details were further developed to be interesting, contemplative rooms with a multi-functional usage.


Tatami room

Lastly every design element proposed in The Eyrie Residence is truly distinctive in character and contributes to the unexpected and memorable journey that the house takes you on.


North and East Elevation


South and West Elevation


Broderick Ely 


Jonathan Boucher


Andrew Piva

– Rhea Fernandes ,Volume Zero.
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