Broadway, The Gourmet Theatre Promises A Plenty Of Drama, Offering Abundance Of Theatrics Up Its Sleeve By Nilay Patalia Architects

Project Credits:
Project Name: Broadway the Gourmet Theatre, Bengaluru, India
Client: K S Lokesh
Architects: Nilay Patalia Architects
Design team: Yashas Nataraju, Mitali Parmar, Nilay Patalia
Furniture: Ravinder Kharab, SFA Works
Graphics: Ranjan Thangjam Singh
Contractor: Hanumantha
Carpentry: Raj Interiors
Tensile: Texshade Prefabs Pvt Ltd
Area: 397.5 sqm
Year of completion: 2016
Photographs: Krishanu Chatterjee

Amidst the hustle bustle of Bangalore city, an eclectic gourmet gastro bar, Broadway, the Gourmet Theatre has been designed by Nilay Patalia architects; a space for the diners to unravel. In a 397.5 sqm space, Broadway explores the world of hospitality, luxury and interiors, inviting the visitors to “come closer” to an opulent, extraordinary evening while serving a global cuisine.


The design is enthused by the Broadway theatre in New York, catering a lot of creativity and drama when one visits the place.


Spread over two floors, the site is on roof top of a building facing dense vegetation with an existing metal structure on lower floor and terrace on top floor.


The lower floor is used as fine dining whereas the top floor for lounge as well as event space. The whole design is developed from exploring the ceiling profile since it had an existing metal roof that needed to be covered.


The ceiling is folded in both directions to create an interesting element. This element, the false ceiling, which dominates the space due to its originality, scale and aesthetic level is finished with veneer giving a rich feel to the space. It is inspired by the Japanese art of Origami which allows creative folding of paper to make beautiful artwork combining in its design lightness and rigidity. 


In order to generate a neutral base that gives uniqueness to the environment, natural materials are used for key elements like flooring, dado tiles and furniture while keeping the seating layout simple. The entire palette is kept neutral with only furniture fabrics in colour. A touch of vibrancy is added to the ceiling because of the lighting which glamorizes the whole space in the evening.



“The unbuilt is the fantasy that underlies everything.” – Article in Wired, June 2000

The site has been blessed with the natural beauty which creates a serene ambiance to lighten up the mood. Hence as one enters the space, one either focuses on the ceiling or the dense landscape outside. The cafe has some picturesque views of the bridge, the busy street across, the lush green army canteen and the night view of the cityscape with pretty twinkling lights. The ambiance speaks of elegance and just as you enter you’ll be greeted by the open teppanyaki counter.


The chimney merges seamlessly with the ceiling, along with other services. The black wall serves as a perfect backdrop that allows your mind to absorb the sophisticated behavior of the other elements surrounding the counter. The abundance of rustic texture, applied with precision onto a contemporary architectural language is analogous to the restaurant’s cuisine.


The project takes full advantage of its downtown location by introducing outdoor dining experience; an al fresco section in the form of a big balcony, allowing restaurant patrons to enjoy ever-changing scenery of the city.


The walls, ceiling, kitchen counter and the serving bar counter are sheathed in a seamless whole creating a fluid volume for the restaurant. A stylish bar counter is flanked by tall stools; its oblique geometry encouraging conversation between customers seating on contiguous sides of the bar.


Steps lead you to the rooftop, which has been set up with long picnic tables and a wall full of green potted plants for larger groups and parties. The tensile roof creates a whole dramatic environment with metal screens on all sides that crafts an introvert space. What differentiates the upper floor from the lower is the furniture used which is totally different on both floors, one being rustic yet classy, second bring informal and vibrant. The textured floor and dado as well as vertical garden enhances the space further.






From dramatic teppanyaki to volcanic rock-seared scallops, this new kind of theatre, offers a combination of two distinct spatial experiences for the guests; one that is elegant and classy whereas the other that is relaxed and casual.

“And yet, maybe in truth these cities that we have are desired. Maybe their very characterlessness provides the best context for living and so does these built wonders.”

design team for broadway project (1)Design Team NILAY PATALIA ARCHITECTS

Founded in 2005, Nilay Patalia Architects is an architectural firm focusing on a design based practice. Giving at most important to site and site context, most of their projects offer a contemporary approach rather than generalized solutions.

-Shruti Simpi, Volume Zero.

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