Casa IV by Mesura

Project Profile
Project Name: Vivienda Unifamiliar aislada en Matola. Casa IV.
Project Architect: Mesura
Project Location: Matola, Elche, Spain.
Project Date: October 2015.

Sheltered under a vaulted mantle, Casa IV imparts a new life into an existing Matolan countryside house, which adorns the sunny landscape of Elche. The work done by the study of architectural restraint goes beyond responding to the assignment of designing a great outdoor space covered for events, a new room and a multi-purpose room, while inculcating locally available materials into the design.

By reinterpreting traditional construction, a clear and bold strategy defines a unitary system that breaks the disparity between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Response to the Environment

The new shelter under the shade reorganizes the entire space in terms of climate, natural lighting, visual character and the existing local vegetation, by physically separating the existing spaces into active living and intimate spaces. The vaulted roof ensures the ingress of natural light while the cavity walls ensure insulation and ease of services. The space makes use of exposed brick, ceramic, wood and walls painted in white to maintain a clean space; the brick walls act as a textured interface with the user.2



Open Space as a program.

The system fosters ambiguity in the functions attached to a space, by avoiding a stark divergence between the indoor and outdoor; the vaulted roof is a spatial boundary, instead of walls.
However, the structural response is not equal to its longitudinal perimeter. While the vaults rest on columns on the north-west side, in the south-east (more linked to the use of the house) they remain suspended ostensibly on a colossal beam that enables the space to be uninhibited and multifunctional.



Humanizing the space.

The radical strategy of the project was to cater to the client in particular, deflecting from the generic anthropometry. Therefore, the design isn’t modular, achieving high proportions in design, hence adhering to the client brief.



Use of Ceramic.

The ceramic gives an optimal response to the brick wall construction scheme proposed in the project. Besides being one of the local construction systems, materially gives the space a uniquely comfortable atmosphere.
Together with a local ceramic constructor, studies and workshops were held for the ceramic construction scheme that meets all design factors.7





-Anshika Srivastava, Volume Zero.
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