‘Congratulating Takbir Fatima, of DesignAware, for Achievement at NDTV Design & Architecture Awards


‘Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and a hardto-find alloy called guts.’Dan Gable

With the intent to encourage good practice of architecture, NDTV has established the Design & Architecture Awards, in partnership with Grohe, a premium sanitary manufacturer and supplier of sanitary fittings across the globe. Over the last four years, the highly-coveted set of awards are presented to distinguished architects and designers, all adhering to different styles of practice and hailing from diverse regions and backgrounds. Focussing on various facets of architecture, inclusive of design, aesthetic merit, sustainability and conservation, arising complexities during building and execution and essentially, the sense of purpose that drives good architecture. The awards aim to celebrate prowess in architecture, and to motivate innovative as well as good practice in the field.

3Image courtesy: Design Aware

The NDTV Design & Awards 2016 were celebrated with the same fervour, and it is noteworthy to mention one name which stood out, that of Takbir Fatima, the director of DesignAware, who has been recognized as the ‘Emerging Architect of the Year 2016’ in female category. The awards ceremony will be aired on NDTV Prime on 4 February, Saturday at 12pm. The firm is a multi-disciplinary experimental design studio, born out of a desire to create awareness through liveable, wearable, usable and accessible design. Reflecting their ideology, their project ‘The Hilltop School was featured on Volume Zero in October 2016.

5The Hilltop School. Image courtesy: Design Aware
10The Hilltop School. Image courtesy: Design Aware
11 The Hilltop School. Image courtesy: Design Aware
9The Hilltop School. Image courtesy: Design Aware

The award is presented to architects, who are under the age of forty years, with a promising portfolio of work to their name. DesignAware, in their own words, is a not a business, but movement, aiming to highlight the essence of design in all aspects of lifestyle, inclusive realms such as products, clothing, accessories, going beyond the conventional architectural firm. This is indeed a mark of achievement, and her previous accolades include the Telangana Young Architect Award 2016, by the Indian Institute of Architects at Arch Dakshin 2016, the IIA Southern Regional Conference.

With regard to the achievement, DesignAware expresses elation, and excitement, and also the fact that the honour has been humbling, and inspiring, for it drives the intent to work further, with renewed fervour and energy. With innovative and well implemented projects under their belt, their advice is, to anyone who has begun an endeavour to explore a territory they are passionate about, is that perseverance is essential, and the will to keep doing what you love, with all your heart, and success and fulfilment are soon to follow. In their own words, ‘Wake up and smell the promise. There’s nothing greater.’

We, at Volume Zero, are delighted to learn of this milestone in the trajectory of DesignAware’s professional practice, and wish them the very best for their future projects, and success in all realms, as we look forward to keeping up with the good work their practice will doubtless reflect for the years to come.

1Image courtesy: Design Aware
2Image courtesy: Design Aware

-Devashree Vyas, Volume Zero.

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