Director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s home boasts of quaint spaces merged together seamlessly with fusion aesthetics by Married Single Mother Designs

1Living Room Balcony 

 Project credits:

Project name: Director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s home
Architect : Married Single Mother Designs
Client: Mr. and Mrs. Dhulia
Location: Mumbai
Photography: Married Single Mother Designs

Tigmanshu Dhulia, celebrated director of movies like Pan Singh Tomar and Sahib, Biwi and Gangster, along with his wife Tulika, visualized a quaint home in the suburbs of the hurried city of Mumbai, which felt like a ‘haveli’, a place where aesthetics met function and time slowed down. 

The design for the décor of the house was started by breaking the internal walls in order to create open, spacious spaces.  Instead of working with sharp corners, the designers softened the edges of the walls, changing the contours of the house to swishing, sensuous curves. A diverse, animal friendly floor space was crafted using an assortment of tiles and natural stone, the materials presenting the house with an erstwhile sentiment. 

The spaces are designed to produce natural movement all along the house. The entrance flows organically into the living area, kitchen and the balcony, as beautiful niches stream from the interior of the home to the exterior surroundings. The olive green floor moves seamlessly into an uninhibited splash of colour in the sit-out area, diminishing the contrast between the two spatial entities. 

2Living Room
3Niches in the Living Room Balcony 
16Teenager’s Room Balcony
17Master Bedroom Balcony

The designers wanted to create a space that achieved a natural poise between an old world charm and a new world fusion aesthetic. Following each of the designers’ taste for functional restoration of materials, wooden louvre doors and windows were acquired. Restoring them, an in-situ seating was crafted near these windows from where one could watch the world go by at an unhurried pace.

Following a Mexican accent, the kitchen is crafted with earthy, bright coloured tiles, with the space emanating a sense of warmth and playfulness. The various components of the kitchen are held together by the half-moon island, which becomes a place for spontaneous conversation and some unpredictable cooking. 

4The Kitchen

In contrast to the home, the designers have preserved a bare, masculine expression in the study/den, with a mix of wood and grey stone floor resembling a soothing river bed. 

For each of the four bathrooms, a theme was followed- from an aqua guest bathroom with a fish engraved wash basin and indigo tiles inset with tiny fish, to a playful one for the kids’ room. Custom made wash basins, antique faucets and showers added depth to the look.    

Married Single Mother Designs have designed the Dhulia family home with fluid spaces, abounding with homely colours and natural materials. Every part of the house carries a distinct expression, owing to the various textures and themes. The articulate design of the unified series of airy spaces makes the home an abode of relaxation for the family.

5The Aqua Bathroom
6The Aqua Bathroom
7The Aqua Bathroom
8Master Bathroom 
9Master Bathroom 
10Teenager’s Bathroom
11Teenager’s Bathroom
12Teenager’s Bathroom

Married Single Mother Designs is a team of three women- Anu Tandon Vieira, Shalini Dhawan and Jaya Peter. 

18Anu Tandon Vieira
13Shalini Dhawan
14Jaya Peter

Anu Tandon Vieira is the founder of The Retyrement Plan (, Contact:+91-9820138062), an initiative that uses discarded tyres, textile waste, twine, bamboo and cane to create furniture. She has worked on a wide array of projects ranging from restoration and refurbishing palaces in Udaipur to art direction for feature films to creating textiles for the international market.

Shalini Dhawan and Jaya Peter started livinart : home furniture made in organic shapes, fashioned from reclaimed wood and vividly painted/printed with Shalini Dhawan’s unique art work. They work on a range of functional art installations that balance form and function, craft and design. 

– Tanvi Naik ,Volume Zero.

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