Drops of Ice- An ingenious solution to everyday ice by Paul Studio

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Product Credits:
Product name: Drops of Ice
Designer: Paul Studio

Everyday we use innumerable products which have been designed to suit a specific purpose. Product design plays a very important role in our life as it is essentially the design of things we use on a daily basis. Many products are designed keeping in mind only its utility and not the aesthetic value. But, good design is born out of the synthesis of science and art. Every few years, older products are revisited and redesigned as ‘new’ products but very few actually redefine and add value to the product. With this thought, PAULSTUDIO has redefined not only the conventional ice tray, but also ice.

An ice tray is something we have always taken for granted and maybe never even thought of it as a ‘product’. The conventional ice tray serves only one specific purpose and that is to freeze water into ‘cubes’ of ice. With respect to functionality, the conventional ice tray needs to be twisted in order to remove the ice from the mould and aesthetically, the design of the cubes is something that has never seen a change. That is why, when PAULSTUDIO was approached to design an ice tray, they redesigned the shape of the ice as they believed that the ice had a greater connect with the consumer rather than the tray itself. The simplistic yet utilitarian design amalgamates form and function into ‘Drops of ice’.

2sp‘Drops of ice’ creatively tackles the problems of conventional ice trays which had to be twisted in order to remove the ice from its mould. This twisting action when repeated over a period of time, makes the ice tray unstable at the base which causes spillage in the freezer. The anomalous behavior of water causes it to expand and stick to the walls of the mould when frozen. The design conceived by PAULSTUDIO uses this phenomenon of expansion to nullify the effect of adhesion and thus, the ice drops detach themselves when completely frozen. With the new ice tray, all you need to do is push one end of the ice drop down which raises the other end of the drop like a see saw or you can simply use a spoon to scoop out the ice drops. No more twisting of the ice tray and struggling with it to obtain the ice. The ice trays come with a lid to avoid spillage and can be easily stacked in the freezer.


4spPaul Sandip envisioned twenty five years ago that he would be a creator of products. After graduating as an electrical engineer, he worked as a journalist , a socio-cartoonist and also designed sets for food festivals until he joined National Institute of Design in 2002 for a post graduation in Industrial design. A design practice that can boast of more than 300 products which have received the status of ‘iconic best sellers’ PAULSTUDIO has not only redesigned the conventional ice tray but have redesigned ice in itself with their product ‘Drops of ice’.

fppPaul Sandip & Suhasini Paul

 – Bhakti Loonawat ,Volume Zero.

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