From humble beginnings and endless research,O-LAP brings to you, furniture made by YOU!




Project credits:
Designed by: O-LAP , Ar.Amit Nambiar, Ar.Akshay Kore.
Design Team: Ar. Sushant Sapre, Ar. Shweta Deo, Ar. Mridula Pillai, Ar. Anuj Gudekar, Ar. Krishnan V, Ar. Parvez C.

O-LAP believes in making something ‘cool’ and that is exactly what they encourage you to do! This refreshing concept in furniture sparks the artist in you to design more, and to create more. O-LAP designs concept driven furniture which is customized according to your needs and specifications. When you order for your favourite piece of furniture from O-LAP, it reaches your doorstep in a flat-pack and is easy to assemble and disassemble. This idea came from extensive research and plenty of design iterations. 

O-LAP was started in 2013 by two friends, still in their final year of studying architecture. It started as a humble idea of designing furniture that can be easily transported and moved around within the space itself. Their first big break was when they participated in an Art Festival in Mumbai and that was the inception of ‘O-LAP’. Later, they also had the opportunity to design the stage at a recent TEDx event in Mumbai. 


The key element in the design strategy is Anthropometrics, to provide comfortable seating to the user. Traditionally, furniture is designed using western standards of human proportion, but O-LAP has brought freshness in the design by catering to the domestic market by incorporating fundamental standards of proportion used in India. You’d notice the brilliance in the design of Plato and Darwin, when you’d realize that its proportions are derived out of a function of age and weight. In first glance, this may not be a give-away but you would immediately understand the simplicity through which this complex design has emerged when you experience the comfort in your own Darwin or Plato chair.

Capture - Copy


The flexible solution that the product provides to furniture design and more largely, interior design foryoung, urban individuals or couples, has been well appreciated in the market. The furniture is essentially flat-packed or ready-to-assemble, the parts of which are pre-cut and all you have to do is assemble it and its ready! The process of building it is completely hassle-free with no use of screws,nuts,bolts or any other hardware. This enables not only logistical efficiency but also, urges the artist in you to show some creativity by giving you the flexibility to assemble and disassemble the furniture and rearrange it in your space, the way you like it.



Having experimented with a number of materials like plastic, plywood, acrylic, PVC boards and even cardboard, and after extensive analysis with respect to cost, aesthetics and durability, pre-laminated medium density fibre board was chosen as a viable material to digitally fabricate this product using a CNC Router. It is available in various colour options for the body as well as cushion and can be customized to complement the decor of your space.

Capture3 - Copy

Akshay and Amit at O-LAP believe that their main challenge was to design the product conforming to all parameters of ergonomics, user, function and cost. They have recently received recognition at IIT-Bombay as an upcoming start-up and are currently working on some really interesting concepts that we look forward to see.

“We have always been curious about how our lives and the world works. Design is a perfect platform to explore these.”  O-Lap design team









– Bhakti Loonawat ,Volume Zero.


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