HSJ Jewellery Store, A Glorious Design, that Seeks to Signify Heritage Origins, and Serve Offering Luxury by RMDK

Project Credits:
Project Name: HSJ Jewellery Store
Location: Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh
Area: 12,000 sq. ft.
Designers: M/s Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra
Design Team: Deepak Kalra, Shifaa Kalra, Rachit Prakash, Aarushi Kalra, Faizal Yaseen, Preeti Gautam, Devansh Das
Furniture Credits: I’m The Centre for Applied Arts
Photography Credits: Ankush Maria

HSJ is a prominent jewellery flagship store, which offers elegant luxury to the multitudes of Indian population. Possessing a sense of uniqueness in Moradabad, it is the only one its kind in the entire city, and a singular glimpse indicates that the finesse and glory of HSJ’s jewels have incited a similar aura of design for the store, designed by RMDK.



The city of Moradabad is renowned for its remarkable contribution towards Indian heritage and art, as the metal handicrafts produced here are influenced by the high Islamic and Mughal style of yesteryear and indeed hold immense attribute. Inspired by the richness of the culture of the city, the designers strived to create a contemporary store infused with the local flavour, emphasized by usage of Islamic motifs, orders and patterns and geometries within the design. Thereafter, the resultant design exuded a modish charm, which appealed to the wide range of clientele accessing the store.


Giving due emphasis to detailing, it was ensured that the intricacy of Mughal craftsmanship was captivated, and by imbibing these details, the eventual environment indicates awe-inspiring design. Elements, as well as the opted colour palette are reminiscent of the essential aspects denoting the beauty of Islamic art and culture.


The choices made within the interiors of the store is a glimpse into the overall allure of the design. By using a rich confluence of materials, such as heavy fabrics, coloured steel, mirror work and marble inlay. With luxury being an offering from the store, a special setting has been designed for ever display, with an altered environment which would suit the product as well as the client.


The colour palette of the design has played an essential role in fusing the eclectic composition together. There are three sections within the store, namely silver, gold and diamond, and each are guided by a colour scheme opted specifically for driving enhanced focus. For instance, the gold section is defined by darker, or earthier shades, such as browns, reds and burgundy, and the diamond section, on the other hand, is highlighted by use of greys and blues.



The external form of the building intentionally emotes the feeling of a vault, in order to evoke a sense of solidity and robustness, adding to the desired appearance of impenetrability. With the façade comprising of a staunch surface, and interesting detailing, the stained glass doors being as high as thirty feet from ground insinuate boldness, and ensure that when viewed from a foreground, it would be the ideal point of focus, even when at a distance.


From the outside the building was intended to evoke a feeling of a vault like solidity and impenetrability. The façade makes a bold statement with a silent interesting surface detailing combined with stained glass door almost 30 feet high which form the main focus from a distance. Texture and colour pallet used was typically Islamic with emphasis on blues, green and gold.

– Devashree Vyas, Volume Zero.

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