“I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see !! and then one day I got in”. – Arjun Rathi Architects

Form 5 - Throat Chakra - Dodecahedron Columns 3

Form 5 - Throat Chakra - Dodecahedron Columns 3

Project credits:

Architect: Arjun Rathi

This was the identity and image behind the burst of experimentation in light forms that led to the emergence of this unique installation. The human body emits, communicates with, and is made from light. Increasing science differs radically from the older conventions, that states of the human body being composed solely of atoms and molecules. However traces through comparison of present practice suggests that humans are beings of light as well. Indeed, the human body emits biophotons with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. Each Chakra or energy point takes shape of a sacred geometrical form.

Form 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra - Cellular Fission Wall System 1

This visual imagery therefore declares the composition of this installation. The shapes comprising of platonic solids demarcated by theses energy points are then mapped out as a package of rhythmic compositions to create an intensely busy and energetic effect.


Arjun Rathi Architects  explore the creative process of light beings in conjunction with Chakras that reveal a wide variety of patterns based on the intersection of geometrical forms.

ar 3

The site chosen for the display was the Panjim High Court which gives you a peek into the a unique lifestyle of the city. Stand at the cascading stairs of this structure and see few of  the most breath taking views of the city. The sights and sounds of this unknown territory evokes a feel of the historic importance of Panaji, perhaps it is  one of Panaji’s many Civic spaces which have been well maintained. The street that veers to the east of the high court showcases a spectacular view of the roofscapes of Potrais and Fontainahs, along with the massive expanse of the Mandovi River, justifying this public architecture as a visual symbol intended to correspond the particular image of the installations. The circular  routes around the structure offers you panoramic views of the city of Panaji, thus this spatial architecture reflects the symbolism of light in all cardinal directions. The cosmological connotation is emphasized and universalized in this space manifested by the installation.

Form 6

The ordered sequence of the platonic solids is empathetically designed, as though revealing spatial acumen of light subjective to each chakra.

Form 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra - Cellular Fission Wall System 6
The design of this installation defines one of the most important and fundamental comparisons in cosmological concepts in showcasing humans as light beings, and above all in sequencing of designs manifesting the idea of a sacred, profane and noticeable space

At Arjun Rathi’s architecture reflects creativity in inventing experimenting, growing ,taking risks ,breaking rules. 

“We believe in the process of discovering our designs which reveal language of elements that are curious about life. Most of our work starts with a story behind it and creating an experience.”


Niyati Shetty ,Volume Zero.

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