Instapizza a vibrant mix of innovative ideas and functional design by Renesa Architects

1Vibrant Interiors of the Instapizza Outlet 
Project Credits:
Project Name: Instapizza
Client: Mr. Ashwin Jain
Architect: Renesa Architecture Design Interiors
Location: Instapizza, Good Earth City Centre, Sector-50, Gurgaon, India.
Design Team: Sanjay Arora – Founder | Principal Architect  Sanchit Arora – Studio Head Architect | Concept Design Head | Graphic Design Vandana Arora – Interior Designer | Decor Head Virender Singh – Studio Technical Head | Architectural Assistant
Site Coordinator: Mr. Umesh Mehta
Budget: 2-5 million INR
Area: 550 sq.ft of commercial area
Completion: 2015
Photography: Vibhor Yadav

The design concept by Renesa Architects for the interior décor of an upcoming pizza chain, Instapizza, in New Delhi, stems from the unique bond that is shared by foodies and design enthusiasts. Adding a fresh new touch to the décor, the studio has taken inspiration from the very audience the chain intends to cater to, the youth.  

2Sketches explaining the Design Concept 
3Sketches explaining the Design Concept
4Sketches explaining the Design Concept
5Sketches explaining the Design concept
63-D View of the Conceptualized Design 
73-D View of the Conceptualized Design 
8Vibrant Interiors of the Instapizza Outlet 

The design philosophy devised captured the essence and vigour of the youth. The efficient process of pizza making became one of the inspirations for the final outcome of the design. The ambience of the place reflects the conveyor belt process of pizza making.  

9Instapizza Interiors influenced by the Industrial Mechanization process of Pizza Making 

A pipeline light installation has been crafted inside the café, to guide the visitors to various pockets of spaces where they can sit and unwind with some scrumptious food. Emulating tubes of mustard and ketchup, the interiors have been painted red and yellow; with the plain, rough plastered brick wall have been rendered white, giving the existing small spaces an airy feel. 

10White Plastered Walls teamed with bright colours 
11Red and Yellow Tubing designed as a part of the decor 
12Interior Lighting 

Metal framed chairs and wooden tables enhance the raw look of the spaces, offering the customers a cozy spot to eat their pizzas and admire the trendy interiors of the restaurant, with its appealing lighting and aesthetically assembled tubing.

13Wooden Furniture with Metal Framing 
14Wooden Furniture with Metal Framing 
15Furniture on the Mezzanine level 
16Wooden Furniture with Metal Framing 

Renesa Architects have meticulously crafted the furniture, keeping in mind the design ideology of the project. The slick, curvy iron bars with the industrial wheel legs and the introduction of vibrant colours influence the harmony of the space and give exceptionality to the branding of the restaurant. Supplementing the design principles of industrialization, the air ducts (silver corrugated pipes) act as installation art for the interiors and create an upbeat offset from the rough plastered walls.

17Silver Corrugated Pipes and Metal Tubing against White plastered walls
18Detailing in the Furniture Design 
19Detailing in the Interior Design
20Interiors of the Mezzanine Level

The studio has done optimum utilization of the limited space available by dividing the full volume of the area and introducing a mezzanine level. Thus, the restaurant is split in two horizontal levels: a kitchen entrance on the lower level and a seating and eating area on the second level. Perforated industrial steel railing has been used in certain spaces to allow natural and artificial light to flow throughout the spaces, making the areas look more voluminous.

21Mezzanine level in the Outlet
22Interiors of the Mezzanine level
23Interiors of the Mezzanine level
24Railing Detail 
25View from the Mezzanine level 
26Interior Details
27Interior Details 

The outdoor ambience was embellished with innovative and upbeat glass decals (stickers) which were designed in accordance to the brand strategy and its aim to attract a predominant youth audience. These glass decals provide an interesting impression of the lively interiors and impart a very warm, welcoming look to the outlet. 

28Exterior View of the Instapizza Outlet 
29Glass Decal Design
30Interiors of the Instapizza Outlet

With the Instapizza outlet, Renesa Architects have magnificently combined architecture and gastronomy for the users’ delight. The design of the outlet is a great embodiment of the studio’s design idea to provide the customers with a sprightly and upbeat space for enjoying a great pizza and for some vivacious interaction.

31Interiors of the Instapizza Outlet
32Interiors of the Instapizza Outlet 
About the Architects: 33Sanjay Arora

Sanjay Arora:  Sanjay is the Founder & Principal Architect at RENESA. Sanjay acquired a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from University of Roorkee (now I.I.T. Roorkee), cum laude in 1987 and was awarded one of the top design honours on the Dean’s list.  In a career spanning almost 25 years, Sanjay has handled many prestigious architectural projects for a list of marquis clients. Ranging from large commercial projects such as airports, sport complexes, headoffice buildings, multi-unit commercial, print media production facilities, and multi-unit residential projects,  Renesa has successfully completed many projects under his leadership.

34Sanchit Arora

Sanchit Arora:  Sanchit is the Head Architect at RENESA. Sanchit acquired a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Sushant School of Art & Architecture,Gurgaon,India with scholarship programs from some of the most prestigious universities in U.K. and Europe. He is qualified as an architect with top honors in the University and Dean’s List for his Thesis on ‘The Shadow Spaces’- an architectural look to the existing secluded cremation spaces of New Delhi. 

35Vandana Arora

Vandana Arora: Interior Design and Decor Consultancy

  •  Interior Accessorization
  •  Decor Management Operations Head for RENESA STUDIO.
36Virender Kashyap

Virender Kashyap: Architectural Assistant
Head Operations – RENESA STUDIO.

– Tanvi Naik ,Volume Zero.

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