Lambhvella House by Dipen Gada & Associates redefines the definition of Indian contemporary architecture

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Project credits:

Project name: Lambhvella House
Architect : Dipen Gada & Associates
Client: Mr. Patel
Design Team : Dipen Gada, Priyanka Shah, Aditi Patel & Aanal Adalja
Site Coordinator: Rahi Construction
Photography: Tejas Shah


1The Entrance to the Lambhvella House

Set amongst a dense plantation of mango, palm and coconut trees, the Lambhvella Home is an ode to minimalistic, contemporary architecture. With a simple, yet bold composition, the Lambhvella house embodies Architect Dipen Gada’s design philosophy through the architecture, furniture and landscape.


The structure, spanning an area of 6,700 sq.ft, nestles in a plot area of 94,600 sq.ft, with the home observing the sprawling and refreshingly green landscape. Within its natural habitat, the modest geometry of the white, rectangular shell of the home stands apart. All spaces within the home open up to the pristine natural surroundings.


Designed keeping the climatic constraints of Gujarat in mind, where the summers can be blistering, the structure has been positioned along the north-south orientation, with most of the openings being on the east side and a blank wall on the west. The areas in the house that would remain active during the day have been positioned on the eastern side of the structure.

13 The Entrance Foyer

The voluminous entrance foyer, located at the centre of the outer shell, offers a grand welcome to the guests. As the foyer is positioned to face the eastern direction, it is graced with morning sunlight. A lily pond, embellished with mushroom shaped fountains, coupled with a champa tree on either side of the entrance, offers the warmth of natural elements against the exposed concrete walls, which are enhanced with a horizontal wooden texture, adding to the spatial drama.

A long corridor running along the house forms the central axis of the Lambhvella Home. This corridor opens up to the living area and the pooja room on one side, and into the family room, a day bedroom, guest bedroom, the kitchen and other utility areas on its other side. The semi- private and private areas of the house are segregated by a flight of stairs leading to the upper floor.

10Pooja Room
18View of the Stairway
5Living Area
3Living Area



The living area seamlessly sweeps into the double height courtyard covered by a dot matrix geometric screen, which overlooks the surrounding natural landscape. This area, located in the pleasant north-east part of the house, makes for a fitting space to unwind. The décor of the living area has been tastefully done, with a swing having a colorful motif design and a simplistic beige sofa set. The walls are adorned with aesthetically pleasing art. A semi-covered terrace above the living area, complete with multi-colored kota flooring, engages in a stimulating dialogue with the courtyard below.

2Living Area


16 Semi-open Terrace

On the other side of the house, the central corridor flows into the family rooms and the dining area. One wall of the passage is adorned with a 16 ft. high, motif of a leaf engraved in the concrete. This colossal leaf is covered by handmade panels of German silver, with patterns of embossed veins on it. The changing sciography created during the day compliments this marvelous installation.

17 The Central Spine: Corridor

The double height volume of the family room is punctuated with warm, ochre upholstery and ceramic wall art. The colorful furniture in the family room offsets the somberness of the space, thus enlivening it. The diverse sciography created by the east facing window choreographs an enthralling experience.


4 Family Room

The staggered planning of windows on the western façade of the structure facilitates air circulation through the house. The blank wall on the west also helps in cooling the spaces in the house during the hot days.

Architect Dipen Gada has extended his design philosophy of minimalism to the interiors of the house. The bedrooms, with spacious areas, have been equipped with minimal, simplistic, but functional, furniture.

7 Office Space


8 Bedroom

Contrary to popular trend, the Lambvella Home comprises of a single, huge bathroom equipped with a Jacuzzi, a steam cabin and a rain shower. The use of rich textures with a tasteful selection of colors is evident throughout the décor.

9 The Bath Area

The essence of the Lambhvella Home resides in the minimal, yet refined taste in materials. The flooring in the entire house is dominated by mirror polish kota tiles, while the passage, living area and the family room have river finish kota. The gray Kota stone, exposed concrete walls and the use of warm colors in the décor, endow a pristine, sophisticated and a comfortable character to the house.

14The Courtyard
15 The Courtyard


12  The Lambvella House

Through the Lambhvella Home, DGA makes a triumphant attempt at realizing the balance between aesthetic, minimal design and spatial functionality. Keeping on course with their design ethos of exploring the unchartered, the team at DGA aims to redefine the idea of Indian contemporary architecture, creating a striking concoction of simplistic design with a traditional approach. 

dipen gada Ar. Dipen Gada



– Tanvi Naik ,Volume Zero.

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