Living in the lap of luxury brought about by the essence of design not only defines bold modernism with great comfort but also captures the spirit of the client Seascapes by Stonehenge Designs



Project credits:
Project: SCAPES realty office
Designer: Stonehenge Designs

Vimi Rath, the Founder and Director of Stonehenge Designs advanced from TVB school of habitat studies, New Delhi to being a versatile architect. Prior to establishing her own firm, Vimi Rath worked as an art director at Bounce Design, on a number of projects. From here on she moved on to being a design consultant at “ Vis a Vis India”.  With a vast experience in varied design streams such as Lighting design, Media, Interior and Architecture design, she set out to create a niche in the field of ‘Design’, which could be perceived as innovative and yet rational to every individual’s needs. With a vision to produce flexible yet functional design, Vimi Rath laid the foundation for “Stonehenge Designs”.

On the other hand, Namita Garg having gained a rich experience in the field of Information Technology has too been an integral part in shaping Stonehenge Design. Her priorities have always been set towards comprehending the design essentials from the client’s perspective. Regardless of the fact that she comes from a technical background, Namita Garg has always been open to innovative concepts with a great eye to detailing. With an undying spirit to explore and learn more about design coupled with her exemplary interaction skills, she has helped introduce Stonehenge Designs to clients from various spheres of society.

Stonehenge Designs, based in Gurgaon have executed a miscellaneous range of residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Gifted with a remarkable team strength of young and vivacious individuals, the studio stands as a pinnacle for awe-inspiring design. Stonehenge Designs believe in developing designs that can be tailored as per a client’s needs while upholding an amiable visual appeal.

Luxury is in each detail.  _ Hubert de Giveneby



Located in South Point mall, Gurgaon, the office for Scapes Realty stands as the ideal depiction of luxurious design. Luxury lies in the aura of the space and standing by this motto, the office space for Scapes Realty was created within a span of 80 days from a raw and bare shell to a luxurious workplace.



Scapes Realty has launched a chain of beautiful villas in Siolim, Goa with most buyers being from Delhi/NCR. The basic design concept adopted for the interior spaces of the office was to give the client the sense of entering a luxurious villa instead of an office. The notion behind recreating the look of a rich villa within the office space would help the client visualize the kind of space he or she would be investing in.


An unusual variety of Indian stone was put to use in the project. Putting this stone together was quite a task since it could be easily broken down or chipped due to its fragile nature. No matter how challenging it was, ultimately it was this stone that was a real eye catcher.



The Director’s table has been designed ergonomically creating sufficient space so as to accommodate three directors without compromising on their comfort. The unusual form of the table adds to the charm of the design without disrupting its functionality.




Contemporary but with a sensual flair, the wave ceiling stands out as one of the exclusive design details of this project. The concept was to give the client a sense of curves merging into one another. Using strips of MDF and veneer, the ceiling puts together a gorgeous piece of art. Accuracy was the key element in assembling the wave ceiling. In order to keep the curves progressive and precise, detailed instructions had to be given to the production team accordingly.





In a nutshell, the design for the Scapes Realty office gives the client the feel of a rich, luxurious and contemporary abode of surprise.

Vimi-Rath-&-Namita-Garg b&w


– Rhea Fernandes ,Volume Zero.

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