Mendeley Street Hotel in Tel Aviv by Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture

Architecture Design
Project Profile:
Project Name: Mendeley Street Hotel
Project Location: 5 Mendeley Street, Tel Aviv
Client: Eran & Irit Steinbach.
Project Date: 10.11.13
Photographer: Amit Geron
Contractor: DANKO
Project Architects: Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture Limited

Conforming to the warm and ecstatic identity of Tel Aviv, the Mendeley Street Hotel has become a key player in the cityscape. A pan-cultural expression of design and art, the Mendeley Street Hotel has been infused with Tel-Aviv’s personality and perfectly fits to the urban vibes of this Mediterranean city.


Mendeley Street Hotel reopened in November 2013- a renovation of the original hotel that opened in the 60s. The changeover included a complete interior and exterior renovation, along with a new branding and identity to the original monolithic concrete structure.


The renovation included the demolition of most of the Brutalist façade, replacing them with full-height glass partitions that, as a result, give the lobby the feel of a city square, engaging with its outdoor environment.

The design underlines the two initial values of ‘The Global’ and ‘The Orient’, a thematic approach that runs throughout the building. The result is a colourful heterogeneity-of art, materials and textures.



The project’s highlight is the close collaboration with local designers and creative artists, an initiative that promotes local art, spreads trends and works on giving back to the community. The reception desk is adorned by the iconography of the Israeli street artist ‘Know Hope’. The hotel features contemporary trends, like a green wall in the lobby and the dining, and a wrought iron installation on the ceiling that references holy Hebrew scriptures. Hebrew Scriptures recur throughout the hotel, either embossed on the external façade, or etched onto the glass in the suites.



The interiors are a mix of furniture, details, art works that convey the idea of contemporary urbanism. The furniture is locally sourced to add a boutique feel to the Mendeley. The furniture is locally sourced from Asaf Levental and Asaf Mayer, two emerging designers. The furniture is upcycled- salvaged tables, window shutters topped with glass reinvented as tables, can be seen throughout the hotel. The furniture follows a palette of greys, reds, beige, green and silver, which adds to the eclectic quality of the space.


-Anshika Srivastava, Volume Zero.

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