Mito Light Series by Tom Fereday Design





Project Credits:

Product name: Mito Light series 
Designer: Tom Fereday Design

Mito Light Series by Tom Fereday Design are a celebration of naturality of raw materials, in the form of sculptural lights.


The Mito Lighting series, consisting of wall lights and floor lamps, are a series of modular lights that can be fused into a wide array of compositions that make it multifunctional.
Minimal in design, the Mito Light series pitches precision manufacturing techniques against the modesty of natural hand finished timber and stones to create marvels that celebrate the natural beauty, texture and character of its raw material. The resultant is a truly minimalistic sculptural light. 6

Mito is a no-frills lighting solution that reveals its entire modular structure allowing an ease of use and adjustment. Mito lights can be adjusted at any angle, and make use of basic domed forms and metal supports, and allows warm indirect light to flow across the domes, that highlights the sculpture and is a fitting minimalistic punctuation to a space.





-Anshika Srivastava, Volume Zero

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