MIZU, a bold experiment in fluidity and form, challenges the modern furniture paradigm by Fratelli Reifer Custom.

Product Profile:
Product Name: MIZU
Dimensions: 4,0 x 2,1 x h 0,75 m (13.1″ x 6.8″ x h 2.5″ feet)
Weight: ca. 450 kg (990 lb)
Production method: Entirely handmade by expert craftsmen
Production time: 800 hours
Place of production: Brixen (Alto Adige, Italy)
Surface: Canaletto Walnut
Accessories: 3 power outlets, 2 USB charging ports, power cable
Waiting time: 5–6 months
Production limit: 9 pieces only
Shipment: Worldwide

Fratelli Reifer Custom — a premium wood joinery based out of Brixen in Alto Adige, Italy — and designer Eberhard Mitterrutzner, have collaborated to create a sculptural table characterised by its dynamicity and visionary aesthetics.

Born in 1965 in Brixen (Alto Adige – Italy), Eberhard Mitterrutzner is a passionate master joiner, teacher and designer. His idea of design is described by clear elegance, timeless simplicity and character in form. In recent years he has worked mainly in product development

Together with Fratelli Reifer Custom, he developed a novel technique for bending layers of wood three-dimensionally, functional for producing wooden furniture. His considerable experience in working with different types of materials and his ability to effectively realise complex three dimensional forms were determining factor in this great collaboration.

This handmade masterpiece is the appropriate integration of solidity with sleekness as the three dimensional shape elegantly turns and twist like a ribbon to form a table. An exemplary of the modern furniture sculpture, the table has been named ‘MIZU’.


Following a meticulous process of craftsmanship, this unique table has been made using 10 individual layers of wood of 8 m length each, pressed together into one. Articulating a form which is fluid and continuous in nature, the table is entirely realised in Canaletto Walnut which adds a rich texture to the surface.



Flowing like an ebbing wave, the wood curves at an angle of 30 degrees to form the seat, worktop and legs; all from a single surface. Generally wood bending involves folding the wood along one plane, but what sets MIZU apart is the innovative methodology used to bend layers of wood, threedimensionally and functionally to achieve the fluid form of the table.



While the form provides a distinct character to the table, the designer ensured that the functionality is not compromised with. The table is incorporated with power plugs and USB charging outlets within a solid wood – drawer, while there is a separate compartment for electric outlet.



The table showcases how precision in craftsmanship and ambition for cutting-edge solutions can transform simple, mundane objects into pieces of art. The bold form of the table allows MIZU to be suitable for various types of spaces including exclusive office spaces, lofts, receptions, and other locations. Offering a supreme tactile and visual experience, MIZU is certain to enhance the value of every space in which it is placed.




-Surbhi Verma ,Volume Zero.

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