Perched in the heart of nature is Seascape Retreat, a warm and romantic haven, designed by Patterson Associates

seascapeSeascape Retreat      
Project Credits:
Project Name: Seascape Retreat
Architect: Andrew Patterson, Patterson Associates.
Location: Banks Peninsula, South Island, New Zealand
Photographs: Patterson Associates.

With the sound of the sea and the view of a warm sunset, the romantic Seascape Retreat is designed as a honeymoon destination. Secluded and pristine, the retreat offers privacy, luxury and intimacy. You only need to bring your wanderlust. 

The Banks peninsula in South Island, New Zealand, comprises of the eroded remains of volcanic rocks. The Retreat perfectly nestles into an exposed rocky escarpment on the northern side of the Miocene shield volcanoes. Designed by Patterson Associates, the beach side haven consists of only three rooms- a lobby,  a living/sleeping room that extends into a patio and a bathroom. 

2Seascape Retreat    


Seascape Retreat  


Andrew Patterson believes that as children of the Earth, our relationship with the natural environment bears a great sense of responsibility and respect. Therefore, we as human beings and our constructions are as native to the planet as rocks and trees. Translating this belief into a vision, the Seascape retreat in its plan and section uses an interlocking geometry to respond to two views- a panoramic view of the cove and the view of a double rock arch called the Comb, which collapsed into a simple rock spire during the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake.


A distant view of the rock spire from the patio  

Built using local materials, the construction largely consists of rock that has been sourced from a quarry near the site and poured in-situ concrete floors and an earth turfed roof.  The beach side cottage is self sustainable with respect to on site water harvesting and wastewater treatment. The project also incorporated a reforestation and re-vegetation sub project. This dynamic structure has been integrated with the escarpment above to protect occupants from falling debris and is lined with horizontal macrocarpa timber. The lining forms integrated joinery, services, wall and ceiling panels and shelters behind double glazed low e glass with storm and shatter proof steel mullions consisting of earthquake resisting sliding heads. 

The visually appealing and minimalistic design of the interior spaces allows an unobstructed view of the cove. The combined living and sleeping area is complete with an in built kitchenette and a dining area. The cosy and romantic patio is an outdoor extension of the living space, offering a captivating view of the rock spire. A skylight in the sleeping area filters in the warm and energising daylight. A narrow door in the lavish bathroom mesmerises your senses, while you soak in the free-standing tub. The bathroom extends into an outdoor patio with a sunken jacuzzi. 

Nestled in the heart of nature, yet providing isolation. Minimalistic, yet luxurious. Luxurious, yet sustainable. The Seascape retreat is an embodiment of contrasting emotions and experiences which have been beautifully and poetically compiled to form a romantic honeymoon haven. 

6The living area at Seascape Retreat      
7The living area at Seascape Retreat
8The sleeping area
10East Elevation


North Elevation


East Elevation 


apAndrew Patterson
– Bhakti Loonawat ,Volume Zero.
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