Pocket Seat 2018 Product Design Competition Winners Announced.

Pocket Seat Winners Announced-01

Pocket Seat Winners Announced-01

We are extremely proud to announce the winners of our recent competition, Pocket Seat 2018; one that challenged the participants to create an innovative and portable personal seat that can be used by individuals anywhere, in the public arena or in the comforts of their private spaces.

The jury for the competition consisted of esteemed designers Sigal Baranowitz and Irene Goldberg (Baranowitz and Goldberg), Tom Fereday (Tom Fereday), Paul Sandip (Paul Studio) and Ben Uyeda (Homemade Modern).
The top three winners were awarded a total prize money of $3000 while ten entries received honourable mentions.

Here are the winning entries. The full results for the Pocket Seat 2018 competition can be found on https://competition.volzero.com/  


2Participants: Harini Muthamma Aiana, Nidhi Nirmal Kulkarni and Keith Pereira (India)

“The Pocket Seat is designed to fit into the dimensions of a water bottle – something that can be carried everywhere and that is used by everyone. It is simple and intuitive to open and use, with two adjustable heights so that it can be lowered for kids and raised for adults.” The design is minimalistic and can be used practically anywhere, while waiting for a train, in parks or while camping.

3Participants: Shaurya Volvotkar and Gopalkrishna Pai Kane (India)

MATE, a companion in the form of a wooden stool, encourages the user to move around while making it possible to sit and rest too. “It is not meant to be sat on for longer periods. When the stool is not being used, the legs can be folded and held like a carry bag. The seat also has storage space and is upholstered for more comfort. The MATE can be used easily by all the age groups.

4Participants: Omar Alsaleh and Omar Khaireddin (Canada)

“SITPACK is designed to incorporate the ‘action of sitting’ into something that exists in our every moment. It is a tool, a plug-in into one’s life. It allows the user to carry the idea of sitting on his/her back, by simply wrapping the straps of his/her backpack and carrying their bags normally”. This seat is a portable object that can be carried easily and that adapts itself as per the need of the user.

Honourable Mentions:

5Participants: Scott Kervin (United States of America)


6Participants: Paras Bharti and Ankur Singh (India)


7Participants: Devanshi Saksena and Quashif Qureshi (India)


8Participants: G R Dilip Kumar (India)


9Participants: Dhevat Sobti (India)


10Participants: Ningthoujam Kingson Singh (India)


11Participants: Kiran Babu and Anant Mittal (India)


12Participants: Gavin Munoz (United States of America)


13Participants: Ashwin Vasudevan, Indrajith K and Shreegesh T K (India)


14Participants: Yuvaraj P, Divyanand S V and Sridhar M A (India)

– Tanvi Naik, Volume Zero.

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