Seamless and gratifying – “xcent” by DesignGandhi is an award winning multi-functional product that adds vibrancy to your space




Project credits:
Project Name:  xcent
Designer:  Hardik Gandhi
Story by:  Devika Shah

DesignGandhi is a Mumbai based industrial, visual and spatial design firm led by Hardik Gandhi, a post graduate in Industrial design from NID, Ahmedabad. He is fanatical for creating thoughtful and aspirational designs for everyday living.

The simplicity of the design process is reflected in Hardik Gandhi’s vision: “Design for me is an infinite, exasperated research towards the right balance between aesthetics and comfort, form and function. I try to create emotion, to invite people to experience the product when they see it.” This is the driving force for all the projects undertaken at DesignGandhi. They follow a rigorous process of ideating a strong concept through several iterations.

Inferring dynamicity through lines is what captivated Hardik while working towards xcent.He was inspired by the Indian Mooda chair, a design that combines density and strength to achieve an eccentric piece. He wanted to restore the dense form but define strength through a different way. The seamless design manifests dynamism through the infinite loop of the metallic wire structure. The ergonomics of the furniture makes it fit for multiple uses- like a seat, footstool or a side table. It’s a minimalistic design that incorporates smart seating attachment using magnet and simple rods welded cleverly to make the design more eccentric.

‘xcent’ is available in a variety of colors to suit specific spatial aesthetics. This furniture can instantly push the style quotient of a space several notches higher. The bright colors add a certain sense of playfulness, excitement and energy to the space in where it is used.

xcent recently won the EDIDA award by ELLE DÉCOR (INDIA) and has been showcased at multiple design events such as the “Ambiente 2013” at Frankfurt. IID – Design Showcase, “ Museum of Memories” by Godrej – India Culture Lab, ‘BIENNALE INTERIUER 2014’ – Belgium, India Design 2015 – New Delhi and other exhibitions across India.

-Edited by,

Bhakti Loonawat ,Volume Zero.

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