Set against the backdrop of the lush Arambol hills,Om Kairos an architectural adventure is waiting to be unfurled by Playgroup studio



 Project Credits :
Project: Om Kairos
LocationArambol, Goa
Architect: Playgroup studio
Design TeamHarsh Patel (Principal designer), Abhijeet Gehlot (Project Architect)
Photography: Aadil Salim

Built as a home for a mother-daughter duo, at Arambol, in Goa, this project designed by Playgroup studio seamlessly ties together geometry with simplicity. The distinct and precise geometric form was a result of translating the owners’ fiercely independent spirit. The design manifests the key characteristics of the personality of the mother and her daughter, thus making it truly personal. Located in Arambol, the site boasts of engaging and refreshing views of the undulating terrain with verdant cashew plantations. The temperature here ranges from 21-35°C and rainfall is received between June and September due to the South West monsoon winds. With these parameters, the design provides expansive views of the valley around and at the same time, the orientation of the openings is such that it limits the entry of harsh and direct sunlight into the spaces. The design of the sloped roofs respond to the climate and heavy rainfall in the region.

2 The pure and distinct geometric form of Om Kairos, against the backdrop of cashew plantations      

The design program included four rooms, two of which would be used by the owner and her daughter and the other two would be used by guests. Unlike a typical bungalow, the rooms are designed to be relatively independent so as to maintain privacy and are connected through a common living and kitchen area. The bedrooms are arranged in two blocks and are connected by a staircase. The ground floor consists of a living room and an open kitchen which extends into a private courtyard, a bedroom and two bathrooms. The bungalow has multiple entries, thus making each bedroom a functional unit by itself. The orientation of the windows is such that it prevents harsh and direct sunlight from penetrating into the rooms. The number of windows on the south facade are minimized and are primarily serving the purpose of ventilation.

PLAN0 Ground floor plan     

The 18m x 18m block consists of all the services – the staircase, toilets, pantries and water tank and forms a backdrop framing the other two blocks and the courtyard. The staircase opens out centrally to the East and access to the top is opened out towards the West overlooking the courtyard. The bold opening in the wall of the service block resonates the profile of the staircase and the inclination of the roof, creating a moment of curiosity and interest. The natural topography of the site presented the architects with an opportunity to explore and utilize these levels to a maximum.

SECTION Section showing the opening overlooking onto the private courtyard

The first floor comprises of two bedrooms and bathrooms and the second floor consists of the fourth bedroom with an attached balcony and a library. The triangular balcony provides a cozy corner to relax and rejuvenate. The 18m x 18m service block extends upwards to house the water tank.


PLAN2Second floor plan 
                         6View of the balcony             

The material palette for this structure includes laterite for the walls which has been finished with plaster and paint, which gives the structure an appearance of a geometric monolith. Kadappa stone has been used for the flooring and the ceiling is of polished exposed plaster. Some select walls and floors have been finished with red, yellow or black oxide IPS. The use of primary colours in the tactfully composed openings are reminiscent of the brilliant Piet Mondrian paintings.

4 View of the balcony  
7-8                           View of the bedroom overlooking onto the expansive cashew plantations                                                                                               
PROFILE BWBhavana Hameed  and  Harsh Patel

– Bhakti Loonawat ,Volume Zero.

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