Sidestitch is an innovative and robust rendering of a stool with numerous functions by the designers of Marge

Product Profile:
Product Name: Side Stitch
Product Size: 30 cm x 30 cm x 45 cm
Materials: Birch-plywood, 1.5cm; darkbrown shuttering panel, 1.8cm; lasercut Colorless varnished, assembled and finished in the Marge atelier
Designers:Marge architecten bv bvba
Design Team: Thomas Roelandts and Steven Schreurs

Founded by Thomas Roelandts and Steven Schreurs, Marge is a design studio that is involved in the design and creation of projects spanning across a vast range of scale; from architecture to furniture and product design. Crafting products and furniture, the studio’s philosophy revolves around fabricating innovative solutions for the archetypal design questions.

Crafted from minimal materials and originally commissioned by a landscape firm, the Sidestitch is an upright piece of multi-purpose furniture that has been developed as an aesthetic addition to small firms and living spaces. The idea for the product design stemmed from the designers’ aim to create a functional product with the use of affordable materials that would be easy to assemble in the atelier and would not require use of any heavy industry.

The Sidestitch functions as various entities; it could be used as a footstool, a seat or a resting place for the user’s knick knacks. Taking its inspiration from a simple tree stump, the product uses three pieces of ply sheets, laser-cut according to the requirement, two of which cross into each other and become its legs, with the ‘cross’ being visible from the top. The third sheet, a slightly tapered rectangle, goes on top of this assembly, keeps the legs at a right angle and becomes the seat. Using light and durable materials, the furniture follows a flatpack concept wherein few parts could be laser-cut and the delivered parts would only need basic finishing and assembly in the atelier.


The design is transparent; honest to the materials and the construction techniques, following the studio’s design philosophy. The sheets of plywood are laser cut into the bare minimum form and their assembly is made with some wood glue and four screws. The plywood used is an industry quality material that is utilized to make the moulds for making concrete formwork. The sheets have a hard and smooth epoxy coating, making the panels reusable and easy to separate from the concrete. This industrial material is relatively cheap yet very durable.


With the Sidestitch, the designers have successfully created an affordable and hardwearing product that can be used in various ways and is easy to produce. The product, albeit its small size, greatly enhances the visual aesthetics of the space it sits in. The designers were engaged in the conceptualization and finishing of the product for a year, tweaking and fine tuning it in that duration. With the Sidestitch, Marge continues with their philosophy of crafting clear yet unpredictable solutions to the design challenge.

-Tanvi Naik, Volume Zero.

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