Sweden Mingle brings together a collection of furnishing ideas based on sustainability and Swedish creativity at the Salone del Mobile 2017

1Ihreborn – Play Table

Following principles of sustainability and through meticulous experimentation, Sweden Mingle is a collective that brought together an assortment of styles and innovative materials at the Salone del Mobile.

Curated by White, the esteemed architectural firm from Sweden, the exhibition gathered a group of 15 Swedish companies and 3 designers, creating a brilliant combination of heritage and inventive design. The event showcases various interior décor solutions such as sofas, chairs, stools, rugs, lighting, flooring, sound and other items that are ecologically sustainable and are made to be long-lasting; following the typical Swedish model and lifestyle.

2Block Basket


Lisa Hilland – Torso Chair

The initiative is lead by the use of local raw materials and recycled materials, supported by thorough research for functionality of each piece of work. The collection of products ranges from sound absorbers made of moss, rugs made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, upholstered furniture and wooden objects mixed with other reusable materials, completely biodegradable fabrics, reclaimed wood flooring, paints without fossil fuels etc. Every product is a paradigm of sustainability, experimentation and an exchange of ideas. Every design is an effort towards nurturing the environment and the people; every design makes the correct choices.

4Astrid Rivoli

The exhibition is an initiative by Swedish Design Goes Milan 2017 and Business Sweden, half-governmental foreign trade development agency, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy, Svensk Form and Architects Sweden. With White at the helm of the event, the exhibition is mentored by the studio’s long-standing ideologies of eco-friendly design solutions that will enhance the people’s quality of living, for generations to come.

5Grythyttan Stålmöbler
6Grythyttan Stålmöbler

Astrid, Balzar Beskow, Bjelin, David Design, Färgbygge, The Freedesk, Grythyttan Stålmöbler, Hans K, Jonas Ihreborn, Layered Interior, Minus Tio, Nordgröna, Pappelina, Pholc and Urbanears.

Mingle Lounge:

Lisa Hilland for Design House Stockholm, Malin Glemme for Layered Interior, Marie-Louise Hellgren for Stolab, Saša Antić for Lightwork.


Swedish Design Goes Milan 2017 is an initiative by Business Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy, Svensk Form and Architects Sweden.

Business Sweden’s mission is to help Swedish companies to reach their full international potential and foreign companies to invest and expand in Sweden. www.business-sweden.se Grythyttan Stålmöbler Grythyttan Stålmöbler
Svensk Form is a non-profit membership association appointed by the Swedish government to promote Swedish design in Sweden and abroad. www.svenskform.se

Architects Sweden is a professional organization for architects, interior architects, landscape architects and spatial planners with 12 300 members (including more than 2 000 students). www.arkitekt.se

-Tanvi Naik, Volume Zero.

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