Synthesis of Design reflecting assembly and growth-BLUB by Saif Faisal




Product description:
Product name: Blub-Vide-Poche
Design Team: Saif Faisal
Size : 230 mm x 95mm Wood base : Walnut / Beech wood. Bowls : Ceramic / Swedish glass bead blasted Anodized and Chromatized Cast Aluminum.

From a Unique Combination of an Industrial designer and racer emerges an artist Mr. Saif Faisal. Saif Faisal Design Workshop is a design practice based in Bangalore winner of prestigious Godrej Design lab 2014 and I Design Awards 2014- 2015. Predominantly known for his appreciation of technology along with his diverse experience in racing has shaped a unique genre of design. Mr. Faisal’s proficiency in racing is often reflected in his style of design which is illustrated as strong shapes that deliver a formal rigor to visual and functional attributes. His multifaceted personality and thirst for knowledge allows him to plunge in a varied array of pursuing design. After completing an
architectural internship, he followed his passion for product designing and cabinet making.





But what makes his design sense unique is his art of learning and being inspired from daily life experiences which as lead him to design culinary. A distinctive form of art where he showcases ‘BLUB’ which is a set of minimal versatile bowls.



Use of natural material like ceramics, wood and cast metals addresses his style of material selection which helps to design products and showcases behavior of material in different resolutions. The soft and clean curves of the bowls on top of solid wood create complimenting expressions in ceramic and cast metals.



Wooden base is displayed in walnut and beech which are screwed to each other for the ease of maintenance.  While the aluminum bowls are sand casted and then blasted with special Swedish Glass beads to get an extremely fine texture and then anodized black or chromatized for magnesium alloy like finish. Thus it is phenomenal how design and fabrication technologies mediate between matter and environment to construct objects of different forms. It is this vision of Mr. Faisal that enhances his design principles which are inspired from natural environment and synthesis of daily experiences of life.  




Saif Faisal (Principle Designer) 

– Niyati Shetty ,Volume Zero.

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