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B.V. Doshi, The Pritzker Prize Laureate 2018


  “Design is nothing but a humble understanding of materials, a natural instinct of solutions and respect for nature.” -Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi Source: Creative Designers The realm of Indian architecture, from this day forth, and in posterity, will remember March 7, 2018 as the day when a representative from our...


Hyper|Threads is a novel interdisciplinary design-research workshop by AA Visiting School and ZHA|CODE for developing innovative solutions applicable to the local environment


Event Credits: Event: Hyper | Threads Date: Wednesday 14 – Friday 23 December 2016 Organisers: AA Visiting School and ZHA Code Collaborators: Design Aware and BSB Architects Tickets : AA Visiting School  Venue: International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIIT-H). Location: Hyderabad, India. Registration dates: Early Bird Tickets- 25th November,...


The Melbourne School of Design – a catalyst of inspiration with an inventive structural fabric by Nadaaa and John Wardle Architects


Project credits: Project name: The Melbourne School of Design Location : Melbourne, VIC, Australia Year Completed : 2014   Client : University of Melbourne Design Firm: John Wardle Architects and NADAAA in Collaboration:  Collaborating Architect:  NADAAA Inc. Principal in Charge: Nader Tehrani Project Manager : John Chow Design Coordinator : Arthur Chang Project...