Terms of Use & Refund

Term Of Use

The website competition.volzero.com is a property of Volume Zero Private Limited who are the owners of the content on the above-mentioned website and reserves rights to alter, change, modify, update or eliminate any content or terms of use at any time without a prior intimation to its users. The users of the above-mentioned website, any other website or media under the ownership of VolumeZero is solely liable to check for any updates, alterations, modifications or elimination made to the content present on the website and terms of use time to time.

VolumeZero as the owner of the website holds the right at any time to release, withdraws or eliminate the above-mentioned website i.e. competition.volzero.com without any notice or intimation or without any liability. The users using the website competition.volzero.com in itself agree to the terms and condition. Upon any disagreement or doubt, users are requested to stop the use of the website for any purpose.

Acquired Information

The information acquired by VolumeZero by the means of registration, participation, subscription, submission, online resources any website cookies would not be used in terms of any illegality or candour any privacy of its users. This content or information available to VolumeZero would strictly be used for administration, supervision and other activities appropriate to VolumeZero. Upon participation the personal information acquired by VolumeZero would comprise of Email address, Contact number, Name of the participant or subscriber, Occupation (student/professional), Country or Location of Residence with address would be strictly used to update the users with competition notification, Publications, Newsletters, Future Events or any other activity related to VolumeZero.

All the information and data acquired would strictly be utilized under the guidelines stated within India Data Protection Legislation and adhere to Data Protection Act 1984 and 1988.

Terms of Competition and Events

The Participants or subscribers of any competition or event held by VolumeZero are completely responsible to update themselves the developments or modifications to the competition website i.e. competition.volzero.com or any other competition-related content or any event related information. VolumeZero as organizers is not responsible or liable to update its users regarding any update or modification and reserves rights to alter, delete or add its content at any time. The dates and the deadlines of the competition or any event can be altered or modified at any time by the owner of the content i.e. VolumeZero. VolumeZero holds the rights to disqualify any participant on the basis of late submission or inappropriate submission.

All the participant of the competition or Events should legally be a Major with respective countries they represent or be accompanied or associated with a Major as the Team Leader of their respective team. The entrant as students would be required to produce a proof of identification as a student whenever requested or asked by the organizer VolumeZero.  Any team who wish to use the name of their firm or company for publication and any other activity involved with VolumeZero would have to produce certification relating their team members to the firm or the company along with the certification of the company registered with their respective countries.

VolumeZero does not accept any changes made to any proposal once submitted by the participant and if made would not be accounted to be valid. The users and the participants are requested to submit their works or proposals only once they have finalized their submission. By submitting the proposal to VolumeZero the participants agree to submit original content and is not copied, inspired or derived from any other individual or author. In case such discrepancy is brought to notice the participant would be disqualified without any intimation and would be held liable for any compensation to be made to the original author.

All the participants who subscribe or participate in any event or competition organized by VolumeZero agree to adhere to the rules of the competition or event. Any user or participant found not in compliance with these rules would be disqualified from the event or the competition. VolumeZero is an International Design Magazine who hosts open ideas competition unless mentioned by the owner. VolumeZero declares that all the subjects of its competitions are just based on ideas and do not promise or intent to build or execute any of the design proposals at any scales unless specified.

Site Use

All the Users of the website and the content present on this website would strictly consent with the Terms of use set by VolumeZero and would not replicate, reproduce, regenerate, publish, feature or circulate information or content without the consent or permission of VolumeZero. The users are prohibited from attempting to acquire information, content or documents which are not declassified on the website or other website related content. The users are restricted from testing the integrity and security of the website or related media would be subjected to strict legal actions. Once submitting the work or proposal the user or the participant grants VolumeZero the permission to use, feature or publish on any platform including other print or digital Medias associated with the organizer.

Terms for Jury

The members of the jury panel are eminent industry professionals selected by VolumeZero to evaluate the competition entries. The Members of the panel belong to diverse backgrounds and represent different design perspectives and skillsets. All the competition participants are prohibited to make any form of contact with any juror during the course of the competition. In any circumstance found to disturb the privacy or integrity of the jury Panel, VolumeZero reserves the right to disqualify the participants from the competition or event and prohibiting them to participate in any future activities undertaken by VolumeZero.  All the jury members are committed to the cause of the competition; however, this does not guarantee their participation in the final event of the jury. All the judgments made by the members of the jury panel cannot undergo any form of questioning and under any circumstance. The participants are recommended to submit their work in appropriate formats requested by VolumeZero in case the works or submissions are not in accordance or adhere the rules specified or does not open under any circumstance VolumeZero reserves rights to disqualify the submissions without any clarification.

Competition and Event Promotion

VolumeZero holds rights to alter, change, modify, update or delete information and other competition-related components like awards, publications and certification any time as the owner of the website and rights to discontinue any promotion of the event or any competition is reserved by its owners.

Compensation and Liabilities

With the registration with VolumeZero, the user or participants adhere to indemnify the organization, its members and other related partners from and against any claims, damages, losses, liabilities or any expenses and legal fees which arise from the site use and related content.

Adding a New Team Member

The users can add a new team member to their teams even after the process of registration is completed. For this, the participant would have to email VolumeZero all the necessary details of the new team member requested by the owners along with the unique team code received by the team leader upon registration to info@volzero.com with “adding team member” as the subject matter. A team comprises of maximum three members and any participant cannot replace an existing team member with a new member.

Once you submit all your three team members VolumeZero does not permit its users to alter, modify or remove any of the team credentials. In case such incidence is brought to our notice the team would be subjected to disqualification and the submission would not be liable for any publication, prize money or certification and no refund of registration fees would be provided.

No refund or return policy

No Refunds would be granted or provided to any participant or subscriber upon cancellation of registration by VolumeZero during the course of the competition or any other event.

The policy with Response to Security

The security and the safety of all the users on the website and other related media are of utmost priority for VolumeZero. VolumeZero is zealous to secure the personal information shared by its users during the course of the competition. All the payments for participation in the competition and other events are accepted through a secured payment gateway on www.volzero.com.

Disclaimer of Liability

VolumeZero and all of the properties owned the site, content, related media properties and competition and events related content are provided to its users in “AS AVAILABLE” basis. In no event shall VolumeZero be liable for special, direct, indirect, and consequential or incidental damages whatsoever, whether in action, negligence or other tort arising out of or in connection with the users of the service or the content made available on the site. VolumeZero holds rights to changes, addition, removal or modification of the content related to the competition or any other service at any time without prior notice. VolumeZero does not warrant the website content or any other content made available downloadable or not, free from any contamination or viruses or carry any harmful content.

Prizes and Winners

Upon registration, all the participants adhere to the rules of the competition and agree to be involved in interviews, publications and other forms of publicity event at the request of VolumeZero. All the winners would be decided by the Jury panel and would not be questioned by any user upon the judgments. The prizes and the certifications would be awarded or transferred to the respective candidates by VolumeZero in the duration agreed by the organizer. Upon failure of acceptance of the award or prize by any user or participant under any circumstance, a new or alternate user would be selected by VolumeZero.

Cancellation of Registration

Any individual or a group registered with VolumeZero who desires to cancel or discontinue their registration or subscription via email notifications and other future information shares by the owners can do it whenever desired. Any individual or groups in any instance desired to cancel or terminate their subscription or registration are therefore requested to send an email to info@volzero.com mentioning the cancellation of subscription in the subject matter. To specifically discard a particular service provided by VolumeZero it is requested to type the name of the service in the mail body, You can also request to erase all the personal information with VolumeZero. Upon cancellation of registration during the course of the competition the participant would be automatically disqualified.

Mode of Payment

VolumeZero for the purpose of participation or subscription accepts the following modes of payments through credit or debit card.

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discovery
  • Rupay
  • Bank Transfers

After the completion of the registration process, the teams would receive a unique team code for the competition or any other event hosted by VolumeZero. This code would be the identity of the participants during the evaluation process and other administrative purposes. The submissions missing the unique code or have any other identification proof would be subject to disqualification.


By registering for the competition the participant agrees to the schedule provided by Volume Zero and adhere to it. All the deadlines mentioned in the website or in any other competition-related content comply to 23:59-00:00 hours of IST (Indian Standard Time). All the Deadlines would close in here stated schedule in accordance with the time zone and no extension would be provided to any participants for any of the competition or event related activities.

Governed Laws

All the terms of use and regulations mentioned in this document are governed by the laws of India and all the users of the website would adhere to these laws.

  • Organizer
  • VolumeZero
  • Maharashtra
  • Termination

Any user or participant of the website or its related content or other media in the case of any abuse at our sole discretion and would be subjected to strict legal actions by VolumeZero.

Rights Reserved

By registration with VolumeZero, all the users agree that the ownership of the copyright of the submission, content or the work produced for the competition and other events, publication or any other activity related with VolumeZero lies under the authorized ownership of its owners and would adhere with the Copy Right & Patent Act 1988.

Intellectual Property Discloser

All the users of the website and the content related to the website owned by VolumeZero should not replicate, rework, repeat, regenerate, circulate or use any of the content available on the website and other media pages. The Logo, content and other visual media is created by VolumeZero and is protected by the Copyright Laws.

The terms of use mentioned above are applicable to VolumeZero situated on the website competition.volzero.com  and other websites associated or are the property of VolumeZero and reserves the rights to hold, alter or amend any of the terms mentioned in this document.