The Canterbury Road Residence is an excellent paradigm of quaint design and prolific materialism by b.e.architecture

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Project credits:
Project name:  The Canterbury Road residence
Location : Canterbury Road, Toorak,  Australia
Design firm: B.E Architecture  
Design team: B.E Architecture
Photo Credits: B.E Architecture  

The vibrant, young and multi-cultural b.e.architecture, led by Broderick Ely, Jonathan Boucher and Andrew Piva, is a design firm that engages in thoughtful design having a connection with its surroundings, with an emphasis on the materiality of the structures.  

The Canterbury Road residence, made up of three modest structures, resembles a naturally occurring trilithon found in rock formations. The structures are arrayed in rough lavastone assembled to form an introspective passageway.  

2Natural Textured Lavastone Facade
4Upper Level cantilevers over Ground Level
3Three forms create trilithon for Entryway 

Distinction between the forms has been made apparent as though they are three large boulders resting on each other. The hand laid stone walls inspire an organic character that draws one from the street into the heart of the house; the upper floor takes the shape of a lintel over the entryway.

5Path creating an introspective journey into the House 
6Stone merges with the interiors to create distinction between the lower volume

A strong aura is crafted by the tonal alteration in the natural stone across the scale of the building. On the other hand, the lavastone used on the structure, derived from a similar volcanic process as the bluestone used in Melbourne’s streets, sits easy in the context. The fine flush glazing details and mirrored glass reveals the surroundings to the accentuated robustness of the stone counterpart.

15Large timber entry door
16Timber materiality detail 

Situated along a busy street, the envelope of the structure possesses an extroverted quality. However, the interior spaces are exclusive and inward looking. The mirrored glass maintains the privacy of the residents from their neighbours, thus avoiding the use of shutters. The stonework is hinted at throughout the house and intimate courtyards are spread all over.

17Sightlines through Stone
18Rich textured interior materials palette 

A fish pond at the entrance and a planted terrace next to the master ensuite enhances the essence of the house. Enriching the textural experience, the interior décor boasts of render, travertine and dark timber that are underlined by the natural lighting from the courtyards and skylights. 

19The Stairs act as a connection between the three volumes
8The Stairs act as a connection between the three volumes 
21Steel Handrail
9Skylight over Stairs 
10Upper level planter in Master Bedroom 
11Travertine bathroom with planter outlook 

The smaller urban block combines a dense, uncompromised program to house a growing family comprising of a food storeroom to hang traditional salami, an elevator to assist a disabled relative and a terrace with pool and BBQ.

The Canterbury Road Residence is an exemplar of b.e. architecture’s philosophy to craft tranquil yet strong designs that are receptive to its surroundings with a stress on materiality.

13Jonathan Boucher
14Andrew Piva
12Broderick Ely

– Tanvi Naik ,Volume Zero.

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