THE FMC 2016 Conference, Malaysia –One step closer to a brighterfuture




There are innumerable issues such as aging assets, digital revolution, life-cycle sustainability challenges, skill shortages and the rising energy costs that are challenging FM professionals to remain relevant.

The FMC 2016 Conference, held in Malaysia intends to focus on ways in which these individual scan inculcate a different way of thinking about the future in order to set a progressive FM apart!The conference will serve as a platform for renowned panelists to share their valuable inputs on how for the central task of facility management is to keep a company’s physical properties operating smoothly;it also requires the flexibility to adjust to the fresh demands of an ever evolving world.

With 12 FM experts,2 days networking and a 2 day conference, FMC 2016 welcomes people from all industries, public administration and academia to join and learn the latest developments in FM, industry initiatives as well as steps to be taken for effective management of their facilities.

A few of the panelists at the event include Datuk  Ir. Abdul Kadir Mohd Din (CEO, Indah Water), Dr. Renard Siew (Environmental Advisor, Group Sustainability SIME Darby Group), Mr. Dumidu Ranaweera (Executive Director/President, Dr. Mikel J Harry SIX Sigma Management Institute Asia), Mr. Masoud Moinfar (Managing Director Fenestra Malaysia), Zaini Abdul Wahab (Director of Operations & Principal Consultant, Connecsys Group) and George Mavridis (Smart Cities Expert, Maxwell Stamp).

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– Rhea Fernandes ,Volume Zero.
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