The interiors for Siddhomal Office are an admirable model of heritage preservation and spatial renovation by Dhruva Kalra of RMDK

Project Credits:
Name of Project: Siddhomal Office
Program: Office Renovation
Status: Completed
Location: Connaught Place, New Delhi, India
Architects: RMDK
Client Name: Siddhomal Group
Year of completion: May, 2016
Area: 415m2
Special Furniture Credits: I’m the Centre for Applied Arts
Photography Credits: Saurabh Suryan, Lokesh Dang

Situated deep in one of the chief heritage areas of New Delhi, Connaught Place, the two-level office for the Siddhomal Group has been renovated by Dhruva Kalra and his team, of Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra (RMDK). Crafted for a distinguished businessman, the existing areas were re-planned with an aim to house 30-50 employees, with prominence given to a capacious look and ambiance while being an efficient commercial space.   



Being located in a heritage area, the design team was faced with a challenge to create a completely new look for the office space, without upsetting the existing structure or the heritage elements. Comprehending the client’s brief, care was taken to craft a low maintenance, contemporary interior in an old setting. 



The previous small rooms, with insufficient natural light and dilapidated mezzanine were now converted into spacious areas that bathe in light. The principal design concept for the office renovation was to preserve its scale, transparency and the lightness, so as to visually connect various spaces in the office.  




This was achieved by carefully selecting the material palette for the interiors. Walls were replaced by glass wherever possible; materials were selected to give the spaces a light and dynamic aura within the given setting and constraints. To highlight these qualities, a playful use of wood, stone veneers and colour inserts of yellow have been imbibed.  



The office site used to be houses around courtyards, in the olden days. Along with time and estate development, these houses were replaced with offices; however the setting of courtyards remained unchanged. The courtyard inside this office was crafted as a dry garden that would welcome the staff during their breaks.



Alongside giving a new look to the office; the design of its interior spaces invigorates the spatial quality of the areas. It breathes in a fresh burst of energy in the workings of the office, elevating the productivity of the work place as a whole.  

first-floorFirst Floor Plan 
second-floorSecond Floor Plan 


dhruv-kalraDhruva Kalra

– Tanvi Naik ,Volume Zero.


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