The Long Pool House boasts of innovative landscape design while modernizing erstwhile architecture by SHROFFLEoN

Architecture Interior

Long Pool House: Exterior View 
Project credits:
Project name:  Long Pool House
Location :  Maharashtra
Design Firm: SHROFFLEoN
Completion Period : January 2012 – December 2012
Project Team: KairavShroff, KaizadShroff, Maria Leon, Rohny Balsara, Rumy Shroff, SnighdaAgrawal and Vishanka Gandhi.


The Long Pool House, located in Maharashtra, is situated on a heavily contoured site overlooking the ocean. The project involved the refurbishment of an existing bungalow, with prominence given to the landscaping on the site. One of the foremost design principles of SHROFFLEoN, to tackle the design challenge with innovative solutions born out of enthusiastic and fresh thinking, can be predominantly seen in this project. The studio fashioned a new, modern look for this rustic second home housing three bedroom suites, with the creation of multiple outdoor zones meant for relaxation and leisure.   



Long Pool House: Exterior View 

With a zest for experimental concepts, the design team envisioned a lengthy swimming pool as the new focus of the existing second home; a stone structure built using old construction techniques. This bold concept is translated into reality with the construction of a 100 feet long deck with all the spaces opening  on to the same, obscuring the distinction between the inside spaces and the outer surroundings. The design for each of these outdoor zones for relaxation boasts of a unique identity, with each space having its own character, usage and ambiance.   



View of the Swimming Pool from the Living Area 

By opening the existing fenestrations to the surrounding landscape, the studio redefines the spatial flow throughout the site, giving rise to a feeling of complete openness, as the distinction between the insides and the outsides becomes a blur.


Games Room opening onto the Patio



 Steps leading up to the Deck 

The creation of ‘micro-zones’ is facilitated due to the elaboration of spatial pockets within the swimming pool deck, which are embellished with sun loungers, swings and planters. An extension to this deck forms an open pavilion that sets the focus on the linear geometry of the white swimming pool.

With its penchant for adopting an experimental approach based on intensive research and intellectual collaboration, SHROFFLEoN has used the existing site topography to design the viewing deck as an extension that visually opens into the water body beyond.



View of the Viewing Deck 



Outdoor Seating 

A breakfast patio has been designed in the Entrance Courtyard, on the opposite side of the pool. This patio connects the primary living area at the front, with the three spaces seamlessly merging into each other on the opening of the doors. 


View of the Terraced Garden
View of the Terrace 

At sundown, the second home completely renovates itself, with the clever use of lighting that enhances each and every zone created. Around 1000 fiber optic lights have been purposed to illuminate every facet of the pool, revealing its inner joinery. 


View of the Pool at night



A corten steel feature wall has been composed alongside the existing stone wall, forming a semi-private enclosure outside the gaddie room, for smaller gatherings, with its ambiance enhanced with the sound of water.
The interiors of the Long Pool House have been tastefully done, so as to reflect the flamboyance of the external spaces.


Games Room

One of the key challenges the design team tackled with elegance was working with the existing old architecture and construction, while giving it a modern appearance. Also, the existing flora, like the giant tree near the pool was to be conserved, thus the engineering element involved in construction was complex.


Long Pool House: Exterior View 


Site Plan


Site Sections




Corten Wall


Reflected Ceiling Plan: Play Room


Tiling Pattern Layout: Courtyard Zone 


Swimming Pool Lighting Line Out Layout 


Maria IJ Leon


Kayzad Shroff 

With the Long Pool House, SHROFFLEoN skillfully merges contemporary landscape concepts with old architecture, expertly utilizing the existing site context, while giving the whole complex a modern look.  Their award winning practice thrives on crafting innovative, environmentally sustainable design solutions, adeptly working on them from their stage of bold conception to a stunning reality, with demonstrated experience and technical expertise. As with all their work, SHROFFLEoN creates a unique, healthy relationship between the inhabitants of the Long Pool House and its surrounding environment.   

– Tanvi Naik ,Volume Zero.

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