The Mamun Residence – a house unified by its natural fabric by Shatotto




Project credits:

Project name: Mamun Residence
Location : Khulshi, Chittagong
Architect: Rafiq Azam (SHATOTTO Architecture for green living)
Client: Mamunur Rashid Chowdhury
Project Engineer : Md. Akter Hossain
Structural Engineer: A.A.Hossain Chowdhury
Landscape Design: Rafiq Azam
Material Flexibilty: brick, exposed folded concrete, wood and glass
Design Period: : 2007 – 2013

“I consider myself as an Architect by chance and a Painter by conviction.”
– Rafiq Azam

At an age of 7, Rafiq Azam began painting and would often indulge in pouring lots of green and light into his watercolors. Gradually water, green and light became inseparable in his life. He simply wanted to be a painter and nothing else. His parent’s desire for him to become an Engineer eventually propelled him into the Architecture Dept. of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). However the only thing that kept him going while studying architecture was the fact that it would keep the door open to continue painting. Rafiq had the freedom to do anything that he liked in his designs. But in the process of learning, he realized that architecture is more intricate and calls for a passion and commitment that goes beyond description.

With an ever growing urge to create architecture that emerges within nature itself, Rafiq Azam established his very own design firm in 1995- Shatotto. Shatotto aims to bridge the gap between architectural values and the current crisis emerging within responsible architecture, so as to stimulate a conversation amongst people, communities and nature for a healthy society.

Rafiq Azam holds a true motivation to create a ‘dream world’ of colors, greenery and water bodies. On being asked by a client whether if these elements were only possible to depict in drawings or if they could be turned into ground reality, Rafiq was driven to prove that architecture has a tremendous impact on people and can transform their house into a place of relaxation and rendezvous. In response to this the design team brings you one such extraordinary masterpiece that soothingly blends with its surrounding context in harmony and poise – The Mamun Residence



Chittagong being the second largest city located in the tropical south of Bangladesh is an interesting rather pleasant getaway. In accordance to its geographical context, the intense southeast winds flowing from the Bay of Bengal and the scorching sun all year around were the two major climatic factors that had to be taken into prior consideration while designing the Mamun Residence.

Set in a peaceful upmarket residential area called Khulshi, the house portrays a perfect balance between nature and its built mass.



The brief formulated by the client was to put together a three storied house including a swimming pool on the first floor and a car parking sought after. The requirements drawn out by the client formed the program for the project.





The philosophical cue for the design concept arose from the use of ‘mathal’; a traditional hat worn by farmers in this region to protect them from the rain and sun during harvesting.

The layered parasols and gardens introduced alongside the exposed concrete beautifully address the climate, anti-seismic conditions and lateral road as its surrounding context. The design concept been implemented here as ‘parasols’ protect the building from the scorching tropical sun. In this way it also dominates the structural system by using the elements of nature.





The building has been shaped in a way such that the wind can be navigated through the building and the onset of sunlight can be controlled hence not creating a greenhouse effect.

In this way the project has been entirely centered on elements that define nature at its best. In a nutshell, The Mamun Residence blends seamlessly with its surrounding and captures every bit of nature in both its exteriors and interior spaces as well.





“My own aesthetic philosophy is in collaboration and not competition with the local realities. I am trying to imply architecture’s role in the bigger picture and its responsibilities towards its own communities. The ‘green’ thinking shows the interplay between artistic autonomy and social engagement and to nurture an obstinate but calm optimism that strives to turn the negatives into positives.”
– Rafiq Azam


RAFIQ AZAMArchitect Rafiq Azam


– Rhea Fernandes ,Volume Zero.















Grond Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan


Section aa

Section bb


East Elevation

West Elevation


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