The Organic House, Bandra is elegant yet idiosyncratic design by the White Room Studio

Project Credits:
Project Name: Organic House
Location: Bandra, Mumbai
Architects: The White Room Studio
Design Team: Disney Davis and Nitin Barchha
“It was the spirit animating the mass and flowing from it, and it expressed the individuality of the building.” – Louis Sullivan

Designed for a young couple, this 700 sqft Organic House at Bandra is a project by The White Room Studio, a sheer example of organic simplicity. It is a seamless composition and a marvelous assemblage of disparate aspects with two long vaults, one for the living space and other for the master suite, creating simplicity out of chaos. The guest room is a part of the living area, separated with a folding screen enhancing the multipurpose functionality of the space.

The white washed walls having a comforting silence and the turquoise chip tiles form a stark combination, giving a different perspective of experiencing a ‘house’. The use of ferro-cement and mosaic pattern is relentless in its action on material and mood, creating a vibe of innovation in the interiors while enriching the bare beauty of the materials.

Acting as connecting elements, the arched openings craft spaces that are impeccably designed to create surprise at every step, fascinating one to move effortlessly through the compact but well-proportionated space. The house is not revealed at once but is planned in a way that the elements are slowly unfolded to the visitors in an experiential and spatial journey. A combination of mood-lighting, projector screen, blinds, security & cooling systems are seamlessly integrated into the design.


The living wall features ledges that showcase artefacts, rock integrated with concealed lighting and cantilevered seating with diffused lighting. The curved contemporary sofa wraps around the living room and is nestled among the vaulted surfaces, leaving the central space free. The arched windows make way for sunlight to filter in that animates the whole space while the white washed walls render a warm glow to this generous space. The spaces in the house blend into each other creating a free flowing plan.




The kitchen is glorified by the dining arch decorated with turquoise mosaic and stone countertop creating niches for kitchen accessories. Dining table made of slate and stone chips form an arch at its base with personalized wooden bar stool that adds to the beauty.

Giving importance to every detail, the house has designed, concisely expressing the idea that details matter. The entrance door is made of wooden and brass strip inlay with mosaic finish on the arch. Vaulted walk-in wardrobe is designed in-situ with wooden drawers, shelves and racks for clothes and accessories.



The bedroom is organically styled with arched windows and niches complimenting the whole space. Adding to the charm is the floor finished with the wood that flows into the bed. The French windows culminate into a step out balcony allowing one to frame views of the surroundings.



Clean architectural elements combine with the pure geometrical volumes creating a well-balanced, almost minimalistic composition.


The gold faucets and accessories amalgamate completely with the black mosaic bathroom, creating an alluring combination. The bathroom has been beautifully crafted with the basin designed as a flower and a bud as its spout while following the mosaic pattern vocabulary. The light ceilings and furnishings are emphasized in the brightly tiled bathrooms.



This enchantingly sculpted cavern by The White Room Studio portrays an elegant, seamless design; something which is unconventional!


Founded by Ar. Disney Davis and Ar. Nitin Barchha, The White Room is a design studio that continuously experiments with materials, space and proportions; exploring spatial ideas and its relationship with the site while exploring the raw beauty of the different materials.

-Shruti Simpi, Volume Zero.

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