The Penthaus, Depicts Majesty Shrouded in Simplicity by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio

Project Credits:
Project Name: The Penthaus
Location: Gurugram, Haryana
Architect: Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio
Area: 12, 000 square feet
Photography: Vibhor Yadav 
Design Team:
Founder | Principal Architect: Mr. Sanjay Arora
Studio Head Architect: Mr. Sanchit Arora
Interior Décor Head: Mrs. Vandana Arora
Technical | Architectural Assistance: Mr. Virender Singh
Contractors: Mr. Umesh Mehta (Star Construction)

The Penthaus, an interior design project for a penthouse situated in Gurugram, is an enlightening example of the design and architectural style of Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio, for its sheer stylishness, folded in subtlety and simplicity.

The design team initialized the project with a study of the architecture of the penthouse, and the striking figure it cut against the landscape, owing to the sharp geometry employed. The conceptual approach was derived at by duly considering the brief given by the clients, and their preference and rituals have been thoroughly incorporated into the design in the minutest details, such positioning and placement of art pieces, furniture as well as furnishings. Each space has been visualised and demarcated so that it depicts its singular essence.

Exemplifying an effortless merging of fluidity and utility within different spaces, the basic design requirement, as indicated by the client, was to divide the floor plates within the penthouse based on an hierarchy of spaces, a fundamental within architectural design, thereby effecting the placement of spaces with public interaction and services on the lower level, and those with private interface on the upper level.



One of the areas wherein the contrasting of colours is used as a design element is creating variations within the different activity zones. Herein, the transition is so impressive, with the experiential pathway cladded with marble, contrasting with darker palettes used alternatively. Artistic details through the home reflect creativity and fine craftsmanship; the hallmarks of the movement and imaginative touched, with the wooden flooring adding a delicate sense of place, and reflect to celebrate the owners style.






The bathrooms also exude a regal vibe, with it toned in dark tints, elegant fixtures, and attractive decorative elements, including tasteful examples of chandelier lighting. The various elements form a cohesion and add an element of comfort as well as experience to the bathrooms, with each bathroom exquisitely and exclusively design to reflect the common factor of grandeur.







The design of the kitchen reflects an ensemble of well-chosen furniture and fixtures, their features enhanced by the French windows located therein, also allowing one to glimpse at stunning views, allowing leisurely thoughts and exuding a comfortingly pleasant experience. The kitchen Is expansively designed to give a very airy
feel to the household activities, with its smart and sophisticated appearance. The colour palette reflects a dramatic dark tint, in conjunction with a simplistically classic style.



The deck area for the penthouse has been carefully crafted in terms of keeping the palette on the green side with a tinge of hardscape and the lit backdrop of the penthouse adding character to this external space.

A subtle design space is created at the apartment giving more importance to the transparency of the space and transition with the careful play of the colour shade in the backdrop.

33Sanjay Arora
34Sanchit Arora
35Vandana Arora


– Devashree Vyas, Volume Zero.

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