The Pump Room, Mumbai, A Microbrewery Charming with Its Rustic Vibes, by RRH Design

Project Credits:
Project Name: The Pump Room
Project Location: Mumbai, India
Area: 3000 square feet
Designers: RRH Design

Renowned for being one of the very first microbreweries in Mumbai, The Pump Room exudes vintage char and casual elegance. The sense of spatiality depicted in the design is derived from the idea of ensuring that most of the height be occupied, while the space be so designed to ensure column free spaces. The first glimpse radiates a beckoning allure, with the backlit laser cute copper signage.


Keeping in tandem with the name and the design theme, the railing of the steps, which lead one to the entrance, have been designed with hand pumps, sourced from Chor Bazaar, Mumbai. The brewing equipment, a primary feature, functionally as well as visually, has been aligned against a wall, and comprises of sixteen tanks, where each one weighs over a ton. This arrangement formulates into a design backdrop, behind the sixty feet long bar, and customers feel a sense of belonging, which watching the process of making beer.


The colour palette used is based on earthy tones, with the pop of a bright yellow, highlighting the ceiling, especially with the copper AC ducts. and beams and columns, shrouded in blue, enhancing the space. The exterior of the brewery, flanking the driveway, is again projecting the rustic vibe, with archways cladded in brick. The casual appeal of the space is amplified by the distressed wood floor, as well as arches, which are framed with ornate grills.


Detailing of the space with intricate additions of various elements, which add character to the space is depicted. For instance, there is a mural which depicts monks brewing beer, adding an aspect of fun. True to their design principles, every object of the furniture has been designed and manufactured according to the space, which includes the tables and benches, made out of steel and checkered plates, while the wall lights have been made from plumbing pipes with filament bulb to hold faithful to the raw appearance, and industrial character of the space. The level of detailing includes even the incorporation of cable trays to innovate its usage, which here have placed above the bar to hold glasses as well as bottles.



The Pump Room is an exemplifying space, defined so within a confined area and limits, and yet, one could observe no qualms in appreciating the quiet simplicity merging with the grand laughter. The space is so designed that every element incorporated be an imbibed part of the design for the pub, ensuring exclusivity and promising uniqueness.


About the Designers:

7Ar. Rohan Haskar

The Principal Architect at RRH Design, Rohan Haskar, is a graduate in architecture from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. He treaded further in education with a Master’s Degree in Digital Sustainable Design, from Pennsylvania University. His experience led him to garner fluency in working on multiple software provisions, such as Autodesk, integrated with BIM and energy modelling. The work thereon occasioned in the creation of ‘Vasari’, a new software presently in the testing phase.

His experience includes being amongst the first few students chosen for the Autodesk IDEA Program Residency in San Francisco. His knowledge and experience has been penned in numerous papers about digital sustainable design, and have gained recognition when published at conferences worldwide.

RRH Design was started with the intent to establish a design-oriented architectural firm, which reflected the potent of the youth, and the purpose includes bringing thought-provoking and intuition based design to the fore in the Indian contemporary scenario. Their practice involves design and execution of projects which are customized and exclusive, according to the whims and wishes of the clients, allowing the user to appreciate the notion of design, its relevance in creating personalised solutions to a further extent.

With the confluence of a unique context based choice of materials, and the cutting edge technologies the world can grasp on to today, the limits of architecture are tested and traversed. The firm has achieved completion of several various projects, with short turnarounds, in a wide range of fields, exemplified by their projects in hospitality, retail, corporate interiors, residential buildings as well as master planning. There is a constant endeavour to diversify and contribute to the architectural scenario. The core team, working tirelessly, includes the architects, interior designers and 3D visualizers. Moreover, their practice involves working with several contractors, in order to achieve optimum quality and timely results across the country.

-Devashree Vyas, Volume Zero.

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