The Tree House, A Home, Finished Exquisitely, to Exude Elegance and Warmth by Dipen Gada & Associates



Project Credits:
Project Name: The Tree House
Architects: Dipen Gada & Associates
Location: Vadodara
Design Team: Dipen Gada, Foram Patel and Dolly Pari
Photography: Tejas Shah

“Less is more.” -Mies Van Der Rohe

The conceptual ideal of The Tree House is oriented around, what the design team calls it, an Interior-Architectural Project, wherein there is no clear distinction about where the architectural work ends and where the interior work begins. Basically, the whole house has been designed in a way where the architecture and the interiors complement each other, and not as two separate entities.

The aim of the firm, inherent to their practice, is to provide design solutions, which reflect simple, yet functional planning. Within the tenets of this project, it had been deemed essential to connect the spaces wisely, so that even within the open plan, spaces would be determinedly defined. In the overall design scheme, there is an indicative preference for clean lines and austerity.

Spreading over an area of 4545 square feet, the ideology behind the house is to ensure the residents connect to the nature. The front façade depicts the cut out of a tree, in cement sheet, which is not only a striking and inviting aesthetic feature, but also acts as a source of natural light, thereby rendering an interesting play of light in the interior spaces, and creating a welcoming foyer area. The defined lines and volumes depict crispness and sharpness, which have been achieved by the usage of white concrete and cladding. On a cloudy day, the house itself blends into the whiteness of the backdrop and landscape, thereby elevating its visual.


A stone statue welcomes one at the entry vestibule where soft beams of light from the tree cut out illuminates the area. The entrance foyer has a striking partition made of doubled veneered motifs that leads one to the living room.


The room is simple with an L-shaped sofa and striking river polish mints stonewall and jet spayed tree motif in continuity with the external façade treatment. The center table is chic with veneer finish. The side tables with their brass leaf cut out leave a lasting impression.

Furthering into the house, at the northeast corner comprises of the pooja room. This room is flooded with immense natural light through a ceiling cutout, which also doubles up as a water body for the terrace above. A stark butching mint stonewall enhances the idol in front.


The brief included the requirement of designing a boutique, which was incorporated in the basement. A metal spiral staircase with teak wood treads and wooden railing is located at the entrance foyer and leads to the boutique. The double heighted staircase wall is unique, with dhuni texture. All furniture of the room is painted white with polish that enhances the vintage look opted for this space.


The modular kitchen designed reflects versatility that combines open and closed elements along with vertical and horizontal components. The design is streamlined and ensures ample concealed storage. It is located in the southeast corner of the house, and has been designed with a simple plan, comprising of a breakfast counter at the center and white veneer finish furniture. A pop of green colour has been incorporated to break the monotony and also to create a relaxed and calming environment, with the stylish seating completing the picture. The antithesis of open display and ornate cabinetry, this trend focuses on the simplicity of good design. Door cabinets are smooth and uniform finished with high gloss lamination. Pendant lights and elegant worktops enrich the view.


The dining area is a space which adds immensely to the house. Herein, it has been designed with a traditional look, with an elaborately carved wooden table, with a glass tabletop and complemented by wooden chairs. A cupboard by the side, abutting the wall, is finished with louvered shutters, and enhanced by an attractive, wooden lamp, with mosaic patterns in cutouts adding ambience and lighting up the space.


Around the dining space is the staircase, constructed in RCC, with treads in Jodhpur stone, finished with a wooden colour paint, and adding to the elegance. The wall surrounding the staircase forms a backdrop, with cladded river polish mint stone. An ensemble of three tailor made lamps with motifs of leaves cut in veneer renders infuse light and interesting sciography on the mint stone wall and poses as one of the most dramatic areas of the house.


The golden tinted indirect lighting enhances the lines of the guardian’s room, with the Italian marble flooring dominating the space. The simplistic and subtle design theme opted for is a derivative of the nature and mindsets of the occupants. The headboard has been designed with a water jet leaf motif. The suspended ceiling as well as the wardrobe, exude a trendy appearance and are aids in achieving a look which is unique, yet holds warmth. The room spills out to an outdoor sit out space, partially covered with mild steel pergolas coated in wooden color epoxy paint.


In the bath area, natural light filters softly over potted plants through a slit in the ceiling creating an interesting play of light on the opposite wall as the light spills in through aluminum pergolas. The shower area is bright with Piccolo mosaic tiles and reverse light. The bathroom flooring has been cladded with Katni marble flooring and rustic 2’x2’ tiles have been used for dado. A large window flanks the shower area, from where natural light enters in through the adjoining double height skylight.


The bedroom located in the northwest corner on the first floor has been designed as a room for the daughter in the family. The space has been made vibrant with wallpapers and paintings. One of the bedroom windows overlooks the elevation tree motif rendering an interesting sciography on the interior wall. The furniture has been finished with PU.


On the second floor is a guest room which doubles up as a home theatre space for the recreation of the family. The room has been designed with an exposed concrete ceiling and a combination of wooden plank texture and smoothly finished concrete. One of the wall, viewed at the entrance, has been designed with exposed bricks with white paint which has been scraped off exuding a rugged look, seemingly best suited for the space. Katni marble flooring accentuates the warmth of the space. A sofa that doubles up as a bed is unique and is made of Burmese teak with special handmade tiles set in the bed pull out and also has a canopy. This canopy is covered with a fine silk fabric from Seasons. Loose cushions with vibrant cushion covers are scattered around for seating. The attached bathroom has been finished in Katni marble flooring and rustic 2’x2’ dado tiles.


An adjoining terrace garden provides an ideal space for unwinding. The flooring therein is a combination of Katni marble and mosaic tiles. An heirloom brass vessel is skillfully used as basin hung by brass chains. An antique brass spout has been installed as a complement. A wooden gazebo with a swing makes the space idyllic for respite. The space has been landscaped with lawn, flowering plants and shrubs.

– Devashree Vyas, Volume Zero.

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