The Walls and Vaults House is an innovative experiment in minimalistic and ecologically sensitive design by LIJO.RENY.architects

Architecture Interior
1The Entrance to the House
Project credits:
Project: The Walls and Vaults House
Location: Kanjirapally, Kerala, India
Client: Mr. Biju and Family
Completion: September 2015
Architect: LIJO.RENY.architects, Thrissur, Kerala 
Interiors: LIJO.RENY.architects
Landscape: LIJO.RENY.architects
Design team: Ar. Reny Lijo and Ar. Lijo Jos
Contractors: Saji and Binu, Kanjirapilly
Photographs: Praveen Mohandas, Suneesh Suresh and LRa.
– IIA State Award – GOLD LEAF for Excellence in Architecture (Residences)- (2015)
– Vanitha Veedu Architecture Awards – Best Home Award – (2016)
– AD50 – The 50 most influential names in Architecture and Design, Architectural Digest – (2016)
– Nomination for Indian Institute of Architects – National Awards (2015)
– Nomination for the Best Practice of the year Award by Trends Magazine (based on this project) (2015)

The project is a modest, single-storied residence for a family of six that finds its roots in a humble brief by the clients. The residence, housing the clients’ parents and kids, is located on a site that experiences contrasting climatic conditions; long, heavy monsoons for a few months and sweltering heat for the rest.

2The House viewed from the road

These challenges facilitated the modelling of the core design principles for the project, emphasizing the studio’s penchant to craft site specific design solutions. 

`4The House viewed from the road

The site is flanked by a road on three of its sides. In order to reduce the structure’s visibility from these roads it has been gracefully tucked into the gentle slope of the side, aiding its privacy. 

5The House viewed from the road
6The House viewed from the road

Alongside this, the materials and colours for the house, such as the stone wall, exposed concrete, natural stone flooring and teakwood along with lush tropical vegetation have been carefully chosen and strategically purposed in order to pacify its physical appearance and merge it with its surroundings. 

7The Vaulted Ceilings of the House
8The Vaulted Ceilings of the House
9The House merging with its surroundings
10Stone Wall
11Stone Wall
12Stone Flooring and Exposed Concrete used in the Interiors
13Dining Area and Courtyard
14Stone Flooring and Exposed Concrete used in the Living Area

The layout consists of two primary linear bays of vaulted rooms that are separated by a partly open to sky landscaped court in the centre. A connecting passage runs parallel throughout the entire length of these bays.

15Landscaped Court between the two Passages
16Passage adjoining the Bedrooms
17Landscaped Court between the two Bays
18Connecting Passage between the two Bays
19A Passage adjoining a Bay
20Family Portraits on the Passage Wall

Two enclosed, open to sky landscaped courts bind the primary bays on its external sides respectively.

21Landscaped Court adjoining a Bedroom
43Landscaped Court open to sky
44Landscaped Court adjoining a Bedroom

Locally sourced granite has been used for the externally visible walls and they have been crafted using local masonry techniques. 

22Entrance to the House
23Vaulted Ceilings of the House

The open to sky landscaped courts in the house are abutted by these stone walls, which act as thermal barriers. They also present the residence with the necessary privacy to the desired spaces.

24Stone Walls as Thermal Barriers
25Stone Walls as Thermal Barriers

This results in a secure home with relaxing interiors, during the harsh rains and the gruelling heat. 

26Bedrooms in one of the Linear Bays
28Landscaped Court flanking the Bedroom
29Landscaped Court flanking the Bedroom
31Dining Area
33Living Area
34Natural Stone flooring in Bathroom
35Timber Doors




42Ar. Lijo Jos and Ar. Reny Lijo

A young firm, LIJO.RENY.architects is a multiple award-winning firm that works from a small studio based in Thrissur, Kerala. The Walls and Vaults House, like their other projects, is a distinguished result of consistent experimentation with architecture. Their profound love for art keeps them inspired, instigating them to innovate contemporary sensibilities in the architecture that they practice. 

36Landscaped Court on the Site
37View of the Stone Wall encompassing the House
38View of the House



39Farmer in the adjoining tapioca plantation
40View of the House at dusk
41View of the House at dusk

– Tanvi Naik ,Volume Zero.

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