The Yogita Kadam Design Boutique is an alluring model of sophistication with Zardozi inspired spatial aesthetics by Saniya Kantawala

Project Credits:
Project Name: Yogita Kadam Design Boutique
Client :  Yogita Kadam
Location: Khar,Mumbai.
Designer: Saniya Kantawala

Heading her eponymous design firm, Saniya Kantawala is an interior designer based in Mumbai. Alongside her profession, she fervently nurtures her passion for dancing and travelling. She has been trained in various dance forms since her childhood, Bharatnatyam, ballet, hip-hop to name a few. She has also been a teacher at the Shiamak Davar Institute (SDIPA). She has achieved her diploma in dance while studying design. A true multi-task master, even today she makes time for her dance training in her busy schedule.


Standing on Khar’s 14th road in suburban Mumbai, the regal looking fashion boutique for Yogita Kadam’s designs is a space that portrays the essence of her creative visions. The delicate art of Zardozi is used in many of the fashion designer’s garments and hence, this became the central theme of her boutique’s interiors. To craft a space reflecting the client’s work, a lot of Zardozi and brocade was used in the store’s interior design.



Zardozi, a Persian embroidery art involving sewing with gold string (Zar – Gold, Dozi – Embroidery) peaked in the 17th century, followed by its rapid decline later, owing to the rarity of the materials involved and the lack of patronage for the art. However, in the recent times, this skill has flourished again, finding a vital place in the textile industry.


The patterns for the wooden mouldings in the decor were taken from the embroidery design of the client. These mouldings were cladded on the partition till the ceiling to achieve an imperial look for the store. In order to maintain the richness and elegance of the client’s designs, the carvings were polished in Pu and not distressed.




Zardozi has been used as an integral design element in other parts of the store too. The doors, including the main door are fabrics of brocade, net and zardozi sandwiched in glass with wooden framing. The doors to the Bridal room and the Trial room are made of ply clad with zardozi embroidered velvet fabrics that render the spaces with the vintage aesthetic exuded by Kadam’s designs.




The lights inside the Bridal room are placed at different levels, all crafted in zardozi customized by the local vendors. The Trial room is a small space with a storage unit inside. This unit has been adorned with distressed red and dull gold and bronze with broken gold mirrors. These elements come together to create a mosaic pattern, making the unit a piece of art enhancing the spatial quality of the boutique.



One of the essential parts of a store is its display that has the potential to attract a number of customers. The display for this boutique has been thoughtfully designed, with the theme of broken bronze continuing there. The mannequins’ heads and palms have been embellished with these broken mirror pieces, giving them a savage, yet regal look. These mannequins have been positioned in a way that they weave a story around the vintage collections and their designs; with one sitting on the swing while the other standing next to it, adorned with accessories.


1Saniya Kantawala

Inspired greatly by Yogita Kadam’s royal collections having a profound influence of the art of Zardozi, the interior décor of the boutique breathes alongside the glamour of her designs. The spaces have been designed so as to attract clients, not only to the magnificent outfit designs, but also to the warmth and grandiose reflected in her spaces.

-Tanvi Naik, Volume Zero.

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