Upcyling is the new black with The Retyrement Plan

Project Credits:
Project name: The Retyrement Plan
Designer: Anu Tandon Vieira

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose and ….UPCYCLE!

Yes we’ve all heard about this, it has taken the designers and creative heads by storm. But more than the trend, it’s our realization of the negative effects these throwaway things have caused which has made us question the “use and throw” concept. Why just throw things away? It may be a valuable resource.

Simply take an unwanted item, forget about its original function and look at it from another perspective – turn it upside down, inside out and you’ll manage to think of something cool and unique to do with it. It’s incredible what you can create with waste materials. All you need is a vision.

Well, it can be quite a lot easier and quicker to just buy something new, but the satisfaction of upcycling something unwanted and giving it a new purpose can be priceless! Anu Tandon Vieira can’t agree more!



Anu brings forth her passion for designing sustainable, comfortable and exquisitely hand-crafted furniture by re-purposing material waste from urban jungle.

She throws life into a dull, old, worn-off tyre. Whether you have one or a pile of useless tyres, Anu can not only repurpose them but can also transform them into an attractive and unique interior or exterior décor.



Applying the same detail and design to a dusty, well-used tyre, as one would to a piece of expensive raw material, is her mantra to approach each piece.



A lot of thinking and brainstorming goes in designing the final look of each piece which is then handcrafted by the weavers, thus transforming an old mundane retired tyre, which is otherwise destined to end up in a landfill, into  colorful and unique furniture piece.



The tyres are thoroughly washed and sanitized and then ready to be worked on. Ropes are made of recycled tailoring waste and plastic wrapper waste which are carefully coordinated to be woven in weaves (durable of course!)that are brought together in a cohesive manner to result in a unique and well detailed product. Beside the fact that these furniture pieces are made from recycled waste, its comfort is one of the most amazing attributes.

It’s her belief that for a good design to be sustainable and relevant, it is very important for the person translating it to relate to it and thus contribute to its improvisation and innovation.



Working with ideals of fair trade, Anu Tandon Vieira has not only given the urban migrant craftsmen an opportunity to work in a vibrant and homely environment, but also the respect and credit  which, according to her, they honestly deserve.



Anu Tandon Vieira a graduate in Sculpture, with a Post Graduate degree in textiles from National Institute of Design (NID) plus 25 years of work-experience as a designer, felt the urge to use her experience and expertise in making a difference to our environment which eventually led to the conception of The Retyrement Plan.

The Retyrement Plan (Mumbai, India) is a range of occasional furniture pieces crafted from discarded tyres (of all shapes and sizes), cane and bamboo, woven over into a web of intricate patterns created by using ropes twisted out of tailoring waste and shimmering plastic wrapper waste.

It is indeed her retirement plan to be the change that she desires to see!!

– Jinali Sheth ,Volume Zero.

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