Villa Verde exemplifies the Wabi-Sabi philosophy while adapting the local vernacular architecture by Studio Momo

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Villa Verde: Courtyard 

Project credits:

Project: Villa Verde
Location:  Goa,  India
Design : Studio Momo
Design Team:  Gurmeet Akali and Benjamin Robb

Directed by Ar. Gurmeet Akali and Ar. Benjamin Robb, Studio Momo is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in luxury villas and the restoration of Indo – Portuguese houses in Goa. Both the directors studied and practiced in Oxford, before moving to Goa. By being environmentally sensitive in their approach, Studio Momo keenly creates eco-friendly architecture and interior design. The studio believes in designing and creating built form that relates directly to its context, both physically and culturally. It has created its own, unique style, owing to the combination of astounding architecture, interior design and environmental design. Villa Verde, their latest project in Anjuna, Goa, is one such illustration of their zeal to create environmentally sensitive architecture and exclusive interiors.  

Villa Verde is designed on the lines of a Japanese lifestyle philosophy, Wabi-Sabi. It is a design philosophy that is understated and modest, the kind of clandestine beauty that waits patiently to be discovered.

2 Villa Verde: Courtyard 

Using local load-bearing stone techniques coupled with contemporary details, Villa Verde is a courtyard house, a modern interpretation of the Indo-Portuguese style of building. An extension to the vernacular style, the structure responds to the climate, context and the changing lifestyles.

The directors, Ben and Gurmeet, believe in enhancing the local building details, thus the structure successfully cools down, in spite of the surrounding heat. For example, a modified radiant barrier has been used in the roof, which doubles as a water-proofing layer. The creation of an internal courtyard, with a water body and plants further assist the natural cooling brought inside the structure.
An unsuccessful attempt of finding natural wood polishes and paints in the market drove Studio Momo to develop their own range of chemical free finishes like natural beeswax furniture polish and hardwax oil for exterior use. These non-toxic and healthier alternatives are used in all the architecture and interior design of the studio.



Living Room 

4Living Room 

Inspired by the tranquil beaches of Goa, the interiors of the Villa Verde are very refreshing, with light and breezy colors used in the décor. The interiors of the villa are exclusive, contemporary, playful and intricately detailed. The flooring patterns in all the rooms have been designed distinctively. The unique, zig-zag in-situ flooring in the living room and the master bedroom sets a new trend. The personalized design combined with the apt materials, techniques and craftsmanship. Each piece of the furniture has been selectively picked from various parts of the country and has been restored for the Villa Verde.   



Bed Room


Bed Room

The design approach adopted by Studio Momo, showing sensitivity towards the environment and the inherent culture, helps it create homes that are represented by simplistic and elegant spaces.


Ar. Benjamin Robb and Ar. Gurmeet Akali

BENJAMIN ROBB Specializes in environmentally friendly architecture. Bsc Arch, PG Dip Arch, MA IARD (Masters in International Architectural Regeneration & Development).

GURMEET AKALI Specializes in Interior Design. B Arch, MAAD (Masters in Advanced Architectural Design).


– Tanvi Naik ,Volume Zero.

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