“Walk the Talk with your Mentor” – ET- ACETECH 2015



Having accomplished 10 years of distinctive excellence in the industry, ET-ACETECH continues to hold its foremost position in the market. Nonetheless they owe their sincere gratitude to the architecture fraternity for helping them conquer this milestone. As a tribute to the entire architecture community, ET-ACETECH brings you ‘Walk the Talk with your mentor’ _an initiative, brainstormed by the top brass from ABEC management.

This initiative aims to bridge the gap of ideas between the current masters and the fresh generation of architects who have presently set foot on the path of ‘design’. In return, it will give young architects incredible insight on the seriousness that the profession beholds and will simultaneously prepare them for the challenges that come with it. Students will be given the opportunity to gain valuable experience under the guidance of their mentors in the form of internship. In addition to this, students will also be given a chance to display their thesis project at the ET-ACETECH.

The event will prove to be constructive for the masters as well, as they continue to spread wisdom in their field of expertise amongst promising young minds. Every inspiring design firm never lets true talent go in vain. Interacting with students will also give mentors an opportunity to acknowledge the ingenuity of these students by making them a part of their work team. The media coverage provided for the mentors will help boost their willingness in the market for volunteering to participate in an event that stimulates the future generation of architects to widen their design perspective.

The event will be an open forum, with an advisory board of 6 principals of leading architecture and design colleges in both Mumbai and Pune. The sole purpose of this initiative is to provide an interactive platform for architects to get acquainted with each other’s design philosophies and contribute to the future of architecture and design.


Listed below are the suggested topics for discussion that will take place between a practicing architect and the student:


  1. Impact of legendary architect Charles Correa’s ideologies on the way we design and plan


  1. Role of Design in Addressing the Problems of Climate Change


  1. Role of Education in Architecture


  1. Context of Colour in Architecture


  1. The Urban Challenge _How do we plan today to prepare for a better tomorrow?


  1. Define: Iconic Architecture


Advisory board members:


  1. Akhtar Chauhan _Director, Rizvi College of Architecture
  2. Rajiv Mishra _Principal, JJ School of Architecture.
  3. Arif Merchant _Principal, Pillai College of Architecture.
  4. Aniruddha Paul _Director, Kamala Raheja college of
  5. Suresh Singh _Principal, Academy of Architecture.
  6. Ritu Deshmukh _Principal Bharati Vidhyapeeth College of


A mentor nurtures the zeal that stems within the soul of every student, and drives them a step closer to their future goal. ET-ACETECH introduces you to an incredible panel of mentors that have served as pioneers of design in their field of expertise.


  1. Abhin Alimchandani _Stup Consultants
  2. Prem Nath _ Prem Nath & Associates
  3. Kahlan Mattoo  _Planet 3 Studios
  4. Santha Mattoo  _Planet 3 Studios
  5. Ria Talati _TPA
  6. Kiran Gala _Kiran Gala & Associates
  7. Vivek Bhole _Neo Modern Architects
  8. Kayzad Shroff _Shroffleon
  9. Shona Jain _UCJ Architecture
  10. Eranna Yekbote _ERA Architects
  11. Kapil Gupta _Serie Architects
  12. Ankura Patel/Ankit Patel _ANA Designs
  13. Rahul Kadri _Kadri Consultants
  14. Ninad Tipnis _JTCPL Designs
  15. Kanhai Gandhi _KNS Architects
  16. Shreshth Kashyp _KNS Architects
  17. Dilip Parmar _Dilip Parmar & Associates
  18. Lalitha Tharani _Collaborative Architecture
  19. Mujib Ahmed _Collaborative Architecture
  20. Soyuz Talib _STAPL
  21. Ojas Chaudhari _Studio Tab
  22. Rahul Menon _Studio Tab
  23. Bobby Mukherjee _Bobby Mukherjee & Associates
  24. Nitin Killawala _Group Seven Architects
  25. Pronith Nath _Prem Nath & Associates
  26. Shashi Prabhu _Shashi Prabhu & Associates
  27. Ahmed Shaikh _Ahmed & Associates
  28. Amogh Sule _Mobius Architecture
  29. Hitesh Shah _4 Design
  30. Percy Kutir _4 Design
  31. Ratan Batliboi _Ratan J Batliboi Architects
  32. Ajinkya Dhumal _Infinity Designs
  33. Nilabh Nagar _Architect Hafeez Contractor
  34. Abha Narain Lamba _ANLA Associates
  35. Priya Vakil – Rishika Shroff _Educated Environments
  36. K.Katyal _Kudianavala Group
  37. Sunil Gambhani _Drishti Architects & Interior Designers
  38. Deepak Thacker _Interarch and DID Consultants
  39. Yatin Patel _DSP Designs
  40. Gaurav Kharkar _Gaurav Kharkar Architects
  41. Vidhita Kharkar _Gaurav Kharkar Architects
  42. Prasad Badle _Prasad Badle Architects
  43. Nina puri – Ruchika Gupta _Sanjay Puri Architects
  44. Chandrashekhar Kanetkar _Chandrashekhar Kanetkar – Architects & Interior Designers




Programme: 30th October, 2015

Session 1: 10.30 hrs – 13.00 hrs

Lunch – 13.00 hrs onwards

Session 2: 13.30 hrs – 16.00 hrs

High Tea: 16.00 hrs onwards

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